Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas memory I never want to forget....

 I was a single mom with two small children.
The first Christmas we were alone, 
started looking around the apartment for ornaments
....anything really...
that we could decorate the house with.
Realizing the boxes of ornaments we used to have
were nowhere to be found... sadness set in, oh dear!
No time for sadness though...gotta do something and quick!

Christmas was coming!

Somehow I came up with $10 to buy a fresh tree
from the stand across the street
Happy with that, I took the kids to a nearby K-Mart
where we purchased $2 plastic stained glass ornaments and
painted them ourselves
They were beautiful!!

We had flour, salt and water ......
 put them all together and made
the cutest dough ornaments you ever wanted to see
painted little Santa's, stars, angels and trees
hung them all up on our little tree
along with freshly popped corn and
red and green construction paper ring garlands

Brad, Melissa and I had so much fun
making our ornaments
and so proud of our little tree

No amount of money could buy
the gift of togetherness my children and I shared.
Baking, painting, cutting, gluing and stringing....
we were busy
we were happy
my two little ones and I.

Thank you Lord for that Christmas