Thursday, September 23, 2010

St Just-In-Roseland

Just the most beautiful, peaceful, holy place....

"Love each other as I have loved you.
Greater love has no one than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends."

The walk down to the church

All of these stones are inscribed with uplifting messages of hope

"How Beautiful it is to be alive
To live - To love - To work for God
Till He sends his messenger
King Death to call us home"

"To me to live is Christ
and to die is gain
I am in a straight betwixt two
Having a desire to depart
and to be with Christ
Which is far greater "

Holy Well

Dick and I were in complete awe of this church,
it's grounds and it's surroundings...
We didn't want to leave, and truly hope to return again some day....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St Mawes Castle....

St Mawes Castle was built between 1539 and 1545, half way down the hillside on the eastern shore of the River Fal estuary to provide protection to the large inland expanse of water known as the Carrick Roads, near Falmouth (which is the third largest natural harbor in the world).
If you look closely you will see a small door in the center
with a blue jean leg sticking out...that would be Dick
It rained off and on the whole time we were at the castle
We paid it no mind....we were having so much fun discovering

This hearing devise was awesome...

you could go around the castle at your own pace.
The grounds of the castle were beautiful and so well taken care of

My new friend...
Fire in the hole!!

Dick really enjoyed every minute of this tour....
he checked out every nook and cranny....
These steps were really steep and slick....

The clover leaf design of this castle was amazing thanks to Henry the VIII
The Spanish nor the French attacked

We walked away with a sense of awe

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm a happy girl in St Mawes!!

I'm already saving my pennies to come back to St Mawes....
I'm a happy camper here! A good way to get to St Mawes from Mylor Bridge
is to hop on the King Harry Ferry..
about a 10 minute ride that makes it a beautiful short cut
to St-Just-in-Roseland and St Mawes and the castle.

So much fun!

We made new friends everywhere we went...

Then on to tiny Cornwall roads to our destination...
All over Cornwall are these tiny passages
that two cars (or buses!!! yikes!) must pass through
Dick did an amazing job of driving on the wrong side of the road...
on the wrong side of the car
After all the hard work of getting there, we arrive ...

Getting ready to go in and get a cup of coffee and take in the view

The tide was in here...

Old Watch House Restaurant

Inside The Watch House it's warm and cozy
We had the best tea and scones here...
We accidentally called a scone a biscuit, our Italian waitress exclaimed,
"No biscuit! No biscuit!
"Fine, fine" we said, "just give us more of what we just had!"

It's at a bakery in St Mawes we found out the words for carry out were
"Take away"

The tide was out here... but quickly coming back in

I could move right in....
Beyond love it....

We were in St Mawes two days, some of the pictures were taken in the rain
Rain did not bother us in the least...
The restaurants, bakeries, pubs, hotels,
shops and homes all come together here...perfect!
You can follow this road right up to the St Mawes Castle
So.... off to the Castle and St Just we go!...see you tomorrow!!