Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've been fighting....

When my doctor told me my blood test revealed I had little or no vitamin D left in my system and then I saw the ex-ray of my back with the start of osteoporosis in it....I was really alarmed.

Why oh why had I taken this all for granted? Was it too late for me? Was I going to turn into my little old haunched over grandmother? Oh dear, what a sinking feeling I had sitting there in my doctor's office staring at the pamphlet on Osteoporosis that had been handed to me. I decided right then and there in that examining room that I was going to fight with every ounce of my being to stop the advance of this do whatever it takes!

Gi-Gi, my doctor got me started on 50,000 units of vitamin D a week for 10 pill, that's it. It's been over ten weeks now since starting the vitamin D treatment and I feel so much better plus a patch of psoriasis on my elbow has all but cleared up.

I started with a trainer at the gym and told her to push me are some things I'm been doing.

  • Added more protein to my diet
  • Added more calcium rich foods
  • Stopped the negative talk about myself ( I'm good enough!)
  • Continued weight bearing exercises like walking
  • Using circuit training ( it really works!!..I'll talk more about this later)
  • Strengthening my "core" with weight bearing, free exercise and Pilate's
  • Pushing my 57 year old self farther than I ever thought possible!
I use the triple threat shown below during my circuit training.... I started out with the big ball and now I'm using a 8lb medicine ball which makes it a little harder. Do this exercise and you WILL see results! I promise!

When my trainer Jill first had me do the plank (in the picture at the top) I was used to doing them from Pilate's...we held them oh ... 10 seconds or biggy. Jill told me to hold it 30 seconds..."seriously??", I screeched, not believing what I just heard her say. After Jill started having me hold them 60 seconds, I googled it, I KNEW this had to be abuse...but no....2 minutes was the average hold. Never should have told her that one! ;-) Now I'm up to a minute and a half!

Bottom line...
I'm hanging in there doing everything I can do
to be the best I can be.

It's a good fight to be in!

No regrets!

Note: My daughter posted some really cute pictures
of the girls on her blog check it out!


Football & Fried Rice said...

I just started circuit training. The first few days (even weeks) were H.A.R.D. I didn't think I could do it, but now my endurance has increased - phew!

Thanks for being an inspiration - taking care of yourself! You'll never be a "hunched over" Grandmother ;)

Melissa said...

You look absolutely amazing and beautiful...I am so glad you went to the doctor when you did and were able to get the Vitamin D necessary to keep your running smoothly! You are NOT your grandmother. ;)

Love you!!!