Monday, July 19, 2010

I survived my 40th High School Reunion....

Thanks to this movie and going to Dick's 40th HS reunion several years ago, I had high hopes for my 40th HS reunion. We had a wonderful time when Dick's class got together, wonderful venue and band, great food fun and laughter...can't wait for the fiftieth. Romy and Michele's ended up turning out great and at least had some excitement to it.
 Decided on wearing some bling, after all....I survived 40 years after high school 40years...that should be something to celebrate.

Hindsight, maybe I should have given that some more thought.

I used to look like this....era was a bad hair day

It was a bit scary walking into the Captains Quarters restaurant .....

 Buck up!

Oh no!

I was WAY overdressed...couldn't hide, already spotted

had to go in...besides Dick pushed me

It was crowded and hot

I'd teased Dick on the way there that someone would know him
 within 15 minutes even though
he graduated from another school in 1966.
Sure enough...Steve N. from my class was thrilled to see Dick
knew him from a golf club their parents belonged to years ago,

Steve said he didn't remember me....sigh

Truthfully, in no time I found some old friends to catch up with.

Then something caught my eye....

a poster...
I grabbed Vivians hand and we walked over to look at
pictures of 30 or so classmates
that passed away much too soon....
oh dear
James, Brenda, Cathy..oh no! I'd loved them!

Going in I knew one of my best friends in HS,
Peggy, had tragically passed away in 1997

I always thought I'd see her again...(she had moved to Florida)...never did.
Her picture was could it be?

So pretty and alive
forever young ....
 a reminder

Live life everyday to the fullest...
love your friends, cherish them....stay in is so short.

I had loved school....loved choir and drama, loved my friends
Glad I went.


Renie Burghardt said...

You were beautiful 40 years ago, and still are! I bet you had a great time. Sad about friends and school mates who passed away already. Yes, life is much too short. Live it, enjoy it, and Cherish your friends.

This year was my 55th High School Reunion, but I live 700 miles away these days, and was not able to attend, unfortunately. Would have been fun though.

Hugs and Blessings,


PS.I spend much time at the cabin on the river, these days, so, rarely check these updates. But I'm home today, and I'm glad I caught your post.

Melissa said...

I've always loved that gorgeous picture of you...and your bad hair day beats my best hair day any ol' day!

You survived and rocked it! I'm glad you went, even though I'm not so sure you were!!!

Football & Fried Rice said...

I was JUST going to say - your "bad" hair day - beautiful!! It's what I truly go for every day (with my new shorter hair) - but it falls too flat ;)

Okay - so you mentioned the bling and being dressed up (hottie!) where's the picture of you & Dick??? I am sure you were perfectly adorable and outshined everyone! glad you went!!

Jodee Leader said...

I am sooo glad you went! I recently went to my 20 year class reunion and I had a complete blast!

I am with Sara -- we need to see pictures! I am sure you and Dick looked fabulous!

I couldn't agree with your advice more! Life is soooo short! I insist on living for the moment!

Barbara said...

You were pretty with a stylish bob.
My husband went to a 50th school reunion and came home saying, it was strange so many old ladies. I guess they went home and said it was strange, so many old men!!