Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Real Simple Hangers....

Bed Bath and Beyond has an exclusive on these awesome hangers....
It's 29.99 for a box of 50 Real Simple hangers ....
with the 20% off coupon that saves $6.00

I got introduced to these type hangers through HSN...
It was the daily special,
(no shipping and on sale)
I bought 60 hangers that came with an organizer and hooks and clips for $42
They are much more than that now plus shipping
I LOVED them, since they are flocked, and take up 1/2 the space in my closet
but thought them so expensive
Sooo I was waiting for the HSN hangers to go on sale again when I came across these.

Real Simple hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond are actually better,
because they have a hook included and a place to put your jewelry or belt.
( Note: I saw a different brand at Cosco today 50 for 19.99)

We have an older house and lack of closet space that goes with them

Now I have room for all my clothes since these hangers take up less space and double up.
 A whole lot less than closet organizers....


Football & Fried Rice said...

hmm..more room in the coset? I would take this as a cue to buy more clothes :)

shhh! don't tell my husband!

fleur de lis cottage said...

Thanks for sharing...I'm checking these out!

Maree said...

No Sara...not more clothes! :-)

These things make your clothes look better and you find things you forgot you get rid of what you don't wear in the win.

Rosie said...

Maree, thank you for stopping by Pondicherry Cottage to see me! I hope the fortune cookies were a big hit at your adoption party!
God's blessings