Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm a happy girl in St Mawes!!

I'm already saving my pennies to come back to St Mawes....
I'm a happy camper here! A good way to get to St Mawes from Mylor Bridge
is to hop on the King Harry Ferry..
about a 10 minute ride that makes it a beautiful short cut
to St-Just-in-Roseland and St Mawes and the castle.

So much fun!

We made new friends everywhere we went...

Then on to tiny Cornwall roads to our destination...
All over Cornwall are these tiny passages
that two cars (or buses!!! yikes!) must pass through
Dick did an amazing job of driving on the wrong side of the road...
on the wrong side of the car
After all the hard work of getting there, we arrive ...

Getting ready to go in and get a cup of coffee and take in the view

The tide was in here...

Old Watch House Restaurant

Inside The Watch House it's warm and cozy
We had the best tea and scones here...
We accidentally called a scone a biscuit, our Italian waitress exclaimed,
"No biscuit! No biscuit!
"Fine, fine" we said, "just give us more of what we just had!"

It's at a bakery in St Mawes we found out the words for carry out were
"Take away"

The tide was out here... but quickly coming back in

I could move right in....
Beyond love it....

We were in St Mawes two days, some of the pictures were taken in the rain
Rain did not bother us in the least...
The restaurants, bakeries, pubs, hotels,
shops and homes all come together here...perfect!
You can follow this road right up to the St Mawes Castle
So.... off to the Castle and St Just we go!...see you tomorrow!!


Lindy said...

So charming! Can it be real? It almost looks like a movie set! This is a part of England that most of us will never get to. How lucky you are! Happy travels.

Jodee Leader said...

Oh my! These pictures are just breathtaking! It looks like you had a blast!

a woman who is said...

YOUR IN ENGLAND!!!! Oh my what fun. I have to go back and check out your posts. How lovely for you and Dick.

I think I loved everything English but those ridiculous roads!!!! Absolutely terrifying.

Georgia said...

In England, we drive on "the LEFT side [which] is the Right side; the LEFT side is the right side; the RIGHT side is the wrong side"! !!!

In America, we drive on "the RIGHT side [which] is the Right side; the LEFT side is the wrong side"! !!!

Hopefully that I wouldn’t confuse you ....!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh my gosh!! I am with Lindy - is it really real?? I love the little row of houses - and the tide really comes up to their porches?? Where the road is wet?

I think I saw on yahoo one time where a couple had converted a public bathroom into their dream home - it was in a place like St Mawes - the view/atmosphere was so amazing, they had to have it!!!

Gotta admit, made me think :)