Monday, September 20, 2010

Made it all the way to Lands End...

Lands End is the extreme westerly point of the mainland of England.
It is beyond beautiful....
Breathtaking it was...
we could have stayed the rest of the day.

This is called the Longships Lighthouse.
Close up of the Lighthouse
Me and the Lands End sign...
people have to pay around $12 dollars to have their picture taken...
we skipped that part ;-)


Lands End became somewhat commercial when a rich guy bought the point
You see things like the picture below...easy to look past it though
and see the cliffs and ocean views.
We looked past the commercialism...

These waters are called the "Boiling Seas" at Lands End

After we left Lands End we traveled on to Marazion where
St Michael's Mount is located out on an rock island
This is the only shot of Dick and me together on the whole trip
we were standing in front of St Michael's Mount
a really nice English couple we met took this shot for us....
they didn't want their photo taken together...shy I believe.

We took this picture around 4 in the afternoon (tea time!!!)
The tide was in, so you take a boat to shore after visiting the Mount

Before the tide comes in, you can walk to the Mount
St Michael's Mount is still owned by the St Aubyn family,
but visitor access is controlled by the National Trust.
Dick and I took dozens of photographs of houses and gardens...
we especially liked this pink patio above
We loved this oddly shaped ice cream parlor
Ice Cream in Cornwall was to die for, btw

The Marazion Hotel

Dick was waiting for his barbecue rib dinner
at the hotel restaurant above
The Marazion Hotel
I had the fish and chips
Fish and chips were different at every place we ate
and always served with peas, plain, mashed or mashed and minted.
Off to the next town!!


Anonymous said...

Okay - I want to be there too - don't you love it?? Tea time - bring it on!! Charlotte

Renie Burghardt said...

Okay, blogger is giving me problems today. Tried to post already and it didn't go. So hope it does this time.

I can't believe you're in England. How fantastic. Your pictures are fabulous. You and your dear hubby look like you're having a wonderful time. So happy for you, Maree.



Jboo said...

Wow -- what a great trip!! Photos are gorgeous!! Enjoy!


Football and Fried Rice said...

That hotel is darling!!! England - I simply must go!!

Yes, save that $12 for tea, not pictures ;)