Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March is my one year anniversary month...

This picture is from a cruise we took in 2002, ....why did this picture not effect me like the other one did, the cruise we took in 2008... the picture of Dick and me that became my final straw?

I look stuffed....my hair was another story..out of control hairdresser! ;-)

Sunday mornings were the worst for me for some reason. I could never find anything to wear to church since my limit to buy was size 16...clearly I needed to go ahead and get those 18's. I'd think if I could just loose 10 pounds.....and would seriously try to cut back on Monday, but by Wednesday I'd be back at it....eating anything I wanted with no control...over and over and over.

Finally it's over, I'm a new person now! Since March 2008 I started a new life.

Sunday morning I got up and put on a pair of Melissa's cast off (but beautiful ) pair of size 10 slacks. They are comfortable!

I really believe the reason I was able to loose the weight

and ability to keep it off this time,

is the realization that this is for the rest of my life.

Moving more, eating less forever.

For some reason I just can't keep this for myself
I have to tell people about it!

Maybe today you are ready to get some control in your life...check out www.thedailyplate.com or www.sparkpeople.com. Free websites that can help you log in the food you eat and give you the support groups that you need to get the help you need. Walking is free. You don't have any out of pocket expenses. We actually have saved money by eating out less and cooking more at home thanks to www.myrecipes.com

Just take control...you can do it!!

Note: I hate pictures of myself still...but if they help you, it's worth it! This article at SparkPeople is great!


Jodee Leader said...

Holy moly! You don't even look like the same person! You went from a frumpy Grandma to one hot Grandma!

Congrats on your weight loss and keeping it off too!

Felicia said...

What a smokin' hottie you are :)

Melissa said...

You were so pretty any way you came, but I am so thrilled for you to be at your "happy" weight!

Proud that it's been a year and it's a lifetime commitment too. You are beautiful!!

Love you,

joy! said...

You look fabulous! Congratulations!!

sara said...


I think you look amazing - I agree with melissa that you were beautiful anyways :) THANKS for always sharing your motivation - you have no idea how many times you have stopped me from hitting Qdoba and chasing it with Coldstone :)