Monday, March 2, 2009

My brave little granddaughter....

Well she finally did her ears pierced.

Melissa called me Saturday...

Handed the phone to Leah so she could tell me what she had done.

"I got my ears pierced!!"

Oh, Leah," I said, "Did it hurt?!"

"Just a wittle bit, but it's okay." My girl is growing up so quickly!!

Friday night Leah came over for a girls night with me...Pop was off on one of his skeet shoots...wild pucks and stuff.

I was ready for her, had some of her favorite foods, (cupcakes!) and had some "projects" planned...this girl LOVES projects.

Crayola Disney Color Surge, comes with 18 pages and 8 stuff here, a little like Elvis prints but Leah said,..."Oh, daddy will like that!" I also had gotten some Disney Princess Lacing Cards to stitch....they are great because you can use them over and over.

Jo Ann Fabric has them for 25% off right now.

While we worked on her projects we talked and talked....the subject of fried fish sandwiches (which I LOVE) came up. "Eeeewwww no, I would NEVER want a fried fish sandwich Gramma Re!....but let's talk about seafood I DO like." she offered. Leah went on to talk about clams, shrimp and the like. I was talking to a THREE YEAR OLD....seafood she likes?

Leah looked over at the photographs on the table and glanced at the picture of Dick's mom when she was a little girl...whose that? "Oh...that's Pop Pop with a bow on his head." I teased her.

The kids have always teased Dick that this is really a picture of him....

Well, you be the judge

Here's a baby picture of Dick...

Add a bow...

Then she glanced over to a picture of Sis and Shawn

and said, "My momma is so pretty!" "Yes she is!" I agreed.
And my daddy's handsome, and I'm a princess!!"

Oh yes you are sweety!

You are our beautiful

Brave Princess

forever and ever!!

Love you, and can't wait

until our next

"Girls night out"!

I can't believe you got

your ears pierced!!

Here's a picture of us at our favorite pizza place "Bearno's" a couple of weeks ago.


Memaw Barbie said...

Those are the best times aren't they. We are blessed to have them so close. Blessings

SweetAnnee said...

She is just darling and so precocious

I can't believe you're her GRAMMA
I thought you had little ones of your
own at home..

well maybe you do..

Jodee Leader said...

You are such a fun Grandma! I love the special projects you picked out for her too.

Felicia said...

What a sweetie Leah is. I just love that picture of her in her bedroom. She looks soooo grown up. I would like to see a bow in Dick's hair...that would be something :)

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

She is really growing up. Avery got her ears pierced right after Christmas and has some Tinker Bell earrings in now. Little Leah is beautiful. I love her purple bedroom. A gorgeous little girl! Thanks for praying for Avery. She's much better. We will find out about Ali later this week.

Charlotte said...

Maree, Leah is a princess - remind her she's a princess because her Father is the King of Kings!! Can't wait to get together.