Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I love my town!

One of our favorite restaurants Toast on Market is a splurge place, especially for Dick. I love to go in, grab a hot cup of coffee while we wait to be seated. The host there makes you feel right at home. Kids love him too and even color pictures to present to him, which he graciously accepts.

Toast on Market has exposed brick walls, dramatic overhead trusses, bright,

oversized artworks and a great sound track that plays

music like Ella Fitzgerald.

This is Ciffty's Breakfast.... Dick's favorite
Of course Dick calls these healthy pancakes...no crusty edges.
Then the place I'm called back to almost every day...Cherokee Park

The last hill we climb at the end of our walk...
This is what we saw this morning and we had to stop and take a picture.
It reminded me that God is here with us.

This fountain was a backdrop to a picnic Sunday

Dick had the great idea to walk our walk both frontwards and backwards

with a picnic in the middle....8.64 miles...my achy, achy feet!

Finally....our bench.
Wonder how many people call this "their" bench
We sit here and recover from that last hill...chill and drink in the view.
I'm thankful today for my town.


Laura said...

I don't blame you. Have you been walking long? what a great view,


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Maree,

Oh, Toast on Market looks like a nice restaurant. And Dick's breakfast looks good and mighty hardy! LOL. Cherokee Park looks like a beautiful place to walk. That picture with the early sunlight coming through some haze is so beautiful! A good reminder of His presence, indeed. Love all the pictures.

The town I live ten miles from is small, less than 2,000 people. We lack many of the more glamorous amenities, but we are rich in the beauties of nature. And we have a riverside park with walking trails, where we go for our walks, to try and repair some of the damage from our indulgences. Haha.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



Jodee Leader said...

What a fabulous restaurant! I would love that place!

Cory and I want to be just like you and Dick when we grow up! You guys are an amazing couple!

Maree said...

Laura, I walked as much as I could before I lost weight..it was getting harder and pain filled. For the past 1 1/2 years we have walked atleast 3 miles a day. Then early Summer we added another 1.32 miles to that and added hills. Still amazes me!

Renie, your town sounds so great! That breakfast Dick had (the Cliffty) was before our 8 mile walk Sunday...what a great way to repair damage!

Jodee, you are too sweet! I know you and Cory will have a wondderful time together when the nest is empty....cause you are having such a good time now!

Memaw Barbie said...

What a blessing to live in a town that you love. Your walk looks awesome and inspires me to get outside and walk too. I have only been walking from the icu to the waiting area (to use the computer or cell phone). Leaving to fly home tonight. I DO NOT LIKE FLYING!!! Please pray for continued strength for my mom and dad. Dad is so very weak and mom is staying at the hospital at night too. She is exhausted. Blessings to you and yours

Laura said...

Hi Maree (again)-
I was reading through your older posts on healthy living and I hadn't realized that you had answered my questions.

I am inspired-


Anonymous said...



Barbara said...

I do like catching up with your part of the world. Brings back memories.