Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A normal days lunch here at our house...

If you haven't gotten a panini maker yet....what are you waiting for?? I love mine that I got from William Sonoma....great for two people or more in shifts...people WILL wait in line for a yummy hot sandwich.

Other than getting your own mister and filling it up with olive oil...

I like this Crisco Olive Oil Spray.

The Pam Olive Oil Spray has a heavy taste to me I don't like.

Today's lunch was ham and cheese....Boars Head Black Label Ham

Boars Head Smoked Gouda

Hellmann's Dijonnaise ..5 calories a serving!!

Panera Sour Dough Bread

Green Leaf Lettuce

Fresh Kentucky Tomatoes....yummy, but coming out of our ears!!


Renie Burghardt said...

Your lunch looks good! And I have tomatoes, and more tomatoes, and lotsa cucmbers as well. Yum! I made some freezer pickles the other day.

You must be in the part of Kentucky I keep seeing on the news. The flash flooding looks bad. Hope it stops raining soon.

Renie (who is getting hungry now.)

Mindy said...

So glad to know about the Crisco Olive Oil Spray. I've been using Pam and don't like it at all. BTW, you always have such a "pretty plate." Your mother taught you well. (P.S. Do you add the tomato and lettuce before or after you grill?)

Anonymous said...

I went to Panera on Saturday and had the strawberry salad you are always talking about - it was delicious - on the menu it said something like 'just back' like they hadn't had it for a while and not it is back. Do you think you could use a George Foreman grill as a pannini maker? The tomatoes at The Rock didn't do well this year. We got the storm you did but we didn't have 6" of rain - just a downpour.

Maree said...

Yes Mindy, I add it to the sandwich after I grill it. Sometimes we add avocado's, peppers, onions...whatever we have on hand. Not a fan of mushy tomatoes! ;-)

Charlotte, they only have that salad in the summer and the Summer Corn Chowder...I get that or the Fugi Apple Chicken Salad, yum! Panera helped me loose most the weight I think...I thought if I can eat like this and loose weight,great! Plus, it helps us stay under $20 or less for dinner out.
I'd sure try the George Foreman before I bought the panini maker...but seriously it makes the best sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

Hey there friend....where do you buy panini makers and about how much are they? I would love to have one.


Jboo said...

Wow -- that looks and sounds so yummy! Will have to check around and find a pannini maker for our house! Thanks for the tips!