Sunday, November 15, 2009

Angel Time....

It's production time at my house...

promised my friend Cindy I would make 30 angels for her patients...

she's a nurse and really cares for each and everyone of her aging patients

Cindy gives a big part of herself each day she is with them

I wanted to do something to help her cheer their day.

They are made of paper ribbon

At one time I had a craft business

made dried flower wreaths, hats, baskets and such.

I prayed one night for God to give me just one thing I could make because

I needed to simplify

Sat down the next day and started forming these little girls...

I've made hundreds

It's my prayer that these little angels will bring joy

they are made with love.
Promised I"d have them done by this Wednesday...
gotta get busy! ;-)


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, they're beautiful, Maree! You are so talented, and a blessing to all of Cindy's aging patients who will receive these special angels made with love. It is sure to bring them joy.

You are a special person, Maree. God's girl!

Love and blessings,


Lindy said...

What sweet angels! They remind me of corn husk dolls, but are much more refined. I'm sure Cindy's patients will love them.

When I went through cancer treatment, one of my friends sent me an angel figurine. I felt like that angel was watching over me the whole time.

Maree said...

Thanks so much Renie and Lindy!

When we lived in Lexington we were very close to the Shaker Community there Shaker Town. My angels were very much influnenced by the corn husk dolls...they were so expensive though and not made the same way.

Here's the legend of the Corn Husk doll here

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, I'd love to come over & help you!!

What a blessing this will be to Cindy and to Cindy's patients (and to you!!) What an awesome thing - you can pray over those angels and the person that they will be going to without even knowing them! I love the power of prayer!


p.s. Have you heard of Vitatops? I was watching the "Hungry Girl" author on Rachel Ray the other day and she took the vitatops (100 calories) and cut them half & filled them up with light whipped cream....a yummy dessert (or breakfast if you are ME!)

Laura said...

Dear Maree-
These are wonderful! What a blessing you are sharing with others, but I am not surprised.

This is the beginning of week 3 on the Daily Plate.

Thank you Maree and thank you God.


Maree said...

Sara..I have used the Vitatops, ordered a dozen of them because I couldn't find them here. They are great to add on a day you know you won't get enough fiber. I did find though I had to drink water along with them...they are fiber stuffed!! I've gotten the vitamuffin mixes too.

Laura thanks.. and I am rejoicing with you on 3 weeks! That is awesome!!

I'm still in angel 10 more to make!

Biggest Loser tonight! Makeovers!!

Barbara said...

What a lovely thought and how nice they are made. Thanks for visiting and commenting.