Sunday, November 8, 2009

Starbucks Holiday Coffee .....purely a dessert, even if it's low-fat or non-fat

(These are Grande facts)
1.Gingerbread Non-Fat Latte

Guess this is the best of the three...

calories, 270 with whipped cream, 200 without

fat calories 70

37grams of sugar

40 grams carbs

2.Peppermint Non- Fat Mocha

calories, 480 with whipped cream, 400 without

fat calories 120

75 grams sugar

78 grams carbs

3.Eggnog Latte ...
sadly my personal favorite

calories, 470

fat calories, 190

48 grams sugar

53 grams of carbs

Silly me thinking I could waltz to a Starbucks...
order a low-fat Eggnog Latte,
drink it
and worry about the calories later.
The girl in the box at the drive up window announced
(after I had ordered a low-fat eggnog latte,)
"oh, you don't have to order non-fat...
that's the only way eggnog latte come"

How thoughtful of Starbucks I thought,
just like them to think of the calorie conscious ...ha!

I could not believe my eyes when I checked the Starbucks web-site later that day to get the true calorie count....
470 CALORIES...for coffee!!??
sinking feeling
It was good..very good
However, not worth almost 1/3 of my daily allotted calories.
Buyer's the Holiday season..traps are everywhere.
To tell you the truth
the grande skinny vanilla latte for a mere 130 calories
has enough holiday in it for me!


Football & Fried Rice said...

ME TOO -I love me some skinny vanilla latte!! They had samples today of "steamed milk and cinnamon dulce" it was DELICIOUS - which can only mean bad things!!!

But I think I might need "just one"!!

Melissa McD said...

So sad...I had a nonfat peppermint mocha tonight. Ignorance is I know. Bummer. Although an evening at Starbucks without child and a cozy beverage might have been worth it...this once. :)

Maree said...

I agree with you Melissa! You deserve a simple pleasure for sure!

Renie Burghardt said...

Good griefus, Maree, that is a lot of calories. Ya know, my best friend Eileen and I always bemoan the fact that we have no Starbucks within a 100 miles of here. Probably a good thing we don't. It's a fact, whenever they make something, anything, low fat, they add a lot more sugar, which ups the carbs to dangerous levels (if you're watching your weight, etc.) and increase the calories. But they sure look and sound good!

When I brew my coffee (Folgers) I drink it with splenda and a couple of squirts of low fat, no carb Reddi Whip. Yummo. And Mc'D's coffee with splenda is pretty good.

Have a great Monday.


a woman who is said...

I just looked up my double tall sugar free cinnamon dolce latte with 2% milk,no whip...not bad at 140.