Friday, November 13, 2009

Well...I'm Shrinking...In More Ways Than One.

All my adult life I've been 5' 7 1/4......

more than 40 years I'd say.

Just found out yesterday at the doctors office

I'm 5' 6 1/2...

made the poor assistant measure me twice,

but there it was,

five six and one half...sigh.
Oh yeah...I weighed 10 pounds less than I thought! JOY!!

Hopefully, this will help me with my plea to Dick to join a gym. We walk about 4.5 miles a day, but that is it....we really need to be doing more strength training. He has resisted I believe because for years we paid good money to a gym, used it, but never lost a pound. Now I have proof I need strength resistance training or I'm going to end up like Edith Ann! ;-)

All in all though, I found out I'm in good health...

it's been a very stressful year ....

the state of my life

could have been so much worse

than loosing three quarters of an inch.
Trusting God, eating right, exercising and loving life has paid off.
I'm a happy girl!

Speaking of being a happy girl,
check out these photo's of my girls!


Memaw Barbie said...

You are so funny. I too have shrunk 1/2 inch. Distressing. I don't think it ever comes back either. Oh well. Like you said, it could be worse. We are blessed.
Your girls are so cute. They are so sweet.
A new gym has opened up next door to my salon. They have a huge garage door on the side they open sometimes. We can watch them doing Zumba!!! It looks like so much fun. Good luck with Dick and the gym thing. Blessings

Football & Fried Rice said...

I have too!!!!! And I'm 32! I am so mad! I was 68.5" and now I am 67.75 - That's A LOT!!!!!!!!

I have been doing some of the Biggest Loser weight training DVDs - they are fun ;)

Congrats on being 10# LESS than you thought. I just went to doc this week too and that is NOT what they told ME! haha!!!

Football & Fried Rice said...

And I LOVE me some pictures of Melissa's babies!!

Lindy said...

Wow, ten pounds LESS at the doctor... it's usually the other way around!

Beautiful pictures of Leah and Kate. Love Kate's plaid dress; she looks like a sweet school girl.

Felicia said...

That's awesome about the 10 lbs. What a nice surprise. And your girls....pure sweetness!!

Jodee Leader said...

So glad to hear you are in good health and 10 pounds lighter!

Cute pictures of the girls!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte said - The girls are precious - Melissa is a gifted photographer. I'm shrinking too and I only started at 5'2" - not good. Doesn't Southeast have a gym? I joined at a church just 1 mile from my house. They have a great track and exercises for silver sneakers. It's only $100 a year. I could handle that. Wow - 10 pounds less than you thought?? great