Monday, May 25, 2009

Climb every mountain!!

Or at least a hill...

This is the first hill Dick and I climb on our walk at Cherokee Park. The city closed the lane on the left for exercise. It's steeper than it looks and winds around pretty good. We walk pretty fast but bikers, runners and mothers with baby strollers breeze by us every day. Keeps us striving to do more...push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

This is the second's a doozy!!
Our goal is to jog up it.
We can jog down it no biggy....up it,
not yet....but we will.

January 2008, if you would have told me I would be walking in Cherokee Park 4 miles a day...up 3 steep winding hills....I would have said dream on!
I had trouble walking up a few steps.
Now I head for the hills instead of the food.

Climb every mountain,
forge every stream,
follow every rainbow
till you find your dream!

If you need motivation check out this Spark People Story.
Or Southern Living 7 reason reasons to get outdoors.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Maree! Keep on climbin'! Such a beautiful area, which must make it a bit easier to focus on the scenary, versus the hill itself, right?!

Lynn in CO

a woman who is said...

Thanks for stopping by Maree with your kind comments. My brand new little granddaughter is named Avey Rose...I have a big love for the name and the flower :)

Looks like lots of wonderful things going on in your life. Two new grand children about to enter in. How absolutely wonderful. God is so good.

By the way my favorite way to eat a green veggie is with fresh lemon juice,a tad of butter or olive oil and fresh garlic...yum on everything green.

Jboo said...

Good for you! And aren't walks, even fast ones so special when you share them with someone else!