Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the subject of movie popcorn...

Dick and I went to our local movie theater twice this past was kind of rainy. Located in the Highlands neighborhood, Baxter Avenue Filmworks is the kind of theater that offers first-run, foreign, and independent fare.

Dick really wanted to see, Night at the Museum-Battle of the Smithsonian. I wanted to see,
Is Anybody Out There? with Micheal Caine.. love him. We try to go before 6pm to save some money on tickets. However, as soon as we hit the door we are faced with this...

{{{{{{The concession stand}}}}}}

Since we started counting calories over a year ago we have found that a Junior or Small popcorn is all we really need and we split a large coke zero. Several times when I have ordered a Junior popcorn the concession workers eye bug out and they point to the tiny bag and say, "Do you realize how small this is ???!!" Yes I do...I ordered it! ;-)

Now compounded, we are pinching pennies...evidently, we are not the only ones. We decided on the second movie to forgo the popcorn and eat out after. Well....everyone, I mean everyone in the movie theater had popcorn and were going to town on it. Maybe I was just more aware since I wasn't eating any...but boy oh boy! Do people ever LOVE popcorn! I leaned over to Dick and said.."at our next party, we are serving POPCORN!"

Getting back to the evidently we are not the only ones pinching pennies...most of those people that were munching on popcorn had brought theirs from home! The two ladies next to me each had the large size zip-lock bags full of greasy looking of them had even reused a bag like the one above to store her homemade popcorn inside her zip-lock bag. They had bought theater cokes...didn't get to know them well enough to find out that story.

The couple in front of us had those little 100 calorie bags and cans of Pepsi One.....lots of little 100 calorie bags, she keep pulling them out of her very large purse and handing them to her husband. They might as well go ahead and pop one of those larger bags of popcorn before they come next time...way less work! (Didn't get to know them either.)

At the huge Cinemark Tinsel Town movie theater we go to, you never see people bringing their own snacks to the movie much....must be the smaller theater thingy. I did have a guy eat a huge hamburger while sitting right next to me at Tinsel Town once....that is just not right! That greasy hamburger oniony smell throws the whole theater experience way off!!! Sickening really.

It just got me to thinking about how important popcorn is to the whole movie theater experience it a conspiracy? I'm thinking not....just comfort....popcorn makes us happy and comfortable!

Meet you at the concession stand!

PS: Sissy and her family made it safely to Guangzhou...they have already eaten at Lucy's! I posted a video of Leah calling her Aunt Jennie on her blog...check it out! China has blocked Sis from posting on blogger, so she sends them to me via e-mail.


Anonymous said...

That's the first thing I think of when we go to the movies (once a year), the POPCORN!! I usually have popcorn in the evening for my snack. I got derailed on TDP so trying very hard to get back on. Will you be my encourager please?


Jboo said...

Must admit that I love movie theater popcorn! When I do get to go to the movies, I now have the "kids popcorn" which is much smaller so I don't feel quite so guilty!