Monday, July 6, 2009


Yesterday was Dick's 62nd ( oh my!!) birthday, we had a great day!
Started off with breakfast at
Wild Eggs
Dick got his beloved pancakes. He did mention these were the healthy kind.....

he likes the pancakes with the crispy edge from the oil frying around them.
( Oh dear!)

I fixed this Caesar Salad Club for dinner.
Dick's favorite food is Chicken Caesar Salad at Panera...loves it!
I found this recipe on the The Noble Pig blog.....

she said she got it from Ina Garten.

This sandwich is seriously good.

I used low-fat mayo...
we also used leaf lettuce because we really don't like arugula.
Left off the sun dried tomatoes too.

The dressing is awesome and will be a staple for us now.

Made two, one with anchovy paste, one without.

We had asparagus, zucchini, corn on the cob and Spaghetti Carbonara
(used bacon instead of ham) for the girls.

Now to the arghh...part

Tres Leches Cake ( Three Milks Cake)
We have always eaten this cake at Spanish restaurants...
there we share one and I eat a few bites.
I've never made one.
Dick wanted one....
I made one.
It was really, really good..too good.
The recipe calls for milk, I used half and half to make it richer.
I am human I err...
Dick and I decided to throw away this very delicious cake this morning
Ate a piece before we went to bed because I knew we were getting back on The Daily Plate today....( My pants are getting snug)
I couldn't sleep
At all
I feel really stupid to take so long figuring this one out....
Sweets keep me up at night.
Thought it was just caffeine.
Still on this journey trying to figure things out....
Anyway...I'm back at come join me...

This is a glimpse into one of our down home birthdays...I kept the cake in the pan because I'd never made it before and I knew that would be "safe".

However, a glass pan or decorative pan would have been better...

I just know my family understands!

Love that man!

Shawn is the best daddy...Kate is all about the food right now, she is discovering new dishes everyday. Corn on the cob was a big hit with her!

Leah is all about noodles...loves them! Me too!

I'm so proud of Leah, she has made so many adjustments from being an "only" to big sis. Leah is a big help in the kitchen, she whipped the cream, added the confectioners sugar and helped put the Happy Birthday candles on....

Love you sweety!!

To hear little Kate say still my heart. Sissy is the best mommy!!

Love my girls!!


Max came to our church this past weekend. His sermon sent chills through my soul. If you would like to hear and see his message on " Why are we afraid?" here it is.

He said,"fear never wrote a poem"....fear does nothing but take, reduce.....puts us in prision....Can you imagine your life without fear? .....How would our days be different?....

Max Lucado has written a new book called Fearless. He ask the question..Would you like a life where you had no fear?

You can read and download the first chapter here and learn more about the book.


Memaw Barbie said...

I love cake. I will have to try that one out. Love the pictures. Dick looks great for 62!!! How fast time flies huh. Blessings

Maya said...

Important questions! And I love the cover shot of that book. If I was without fear I'd be totally relaxed all the time and be joyous.