Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hope springs eternal.....

The water company turned off the water in our house yesterday morning right after we got home from our walk in the park....the water would be off until 3pm...not good. We looked kinda bad...hot, wet, I'm not going to say stinky, but we NEEDED a shower. Dick had a business lunch so he improvised with some water he could drain from the hot water heater to clean up in....that was kinda funny.....but he always does find humor in most things.

Me....not as much.

Fox news reported that we are now a trillion dollars in debt....that is not a joke or going away soon. They reported about a Mom and Dad of 17 that had been brutally murdered in their home and had captured three gunman in the case. Locally, a teenage girls life was taken away in a car crash that took place in Cherokee Park where we walk...everyday we see the cards, flowers, gifts beside the road...her parents are said to be inconsolable.

I think about these things...

Hope for tomorrow

A Good Laugh

The water finally came back on.....got a shower, did some laundry, watered the flowers....better! Some situations though, are not that easily fixed .....some stuff I have no control of and have to let it go.

I kinda stewed on "things" a bit yesterday....not good, I know. Then, out of the blue... Hope sprung it's head when I opened a new roll of paper towels......bam! Who knew?

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"....

"there's a whole lot to be thankful for if you just take the time to look",

and "a good laugh is sunshine in the home".

You know, after reading these phases I started to feel a whole lot better...thanks Bounty!

Our church's message Sunday "In my universe, He's in control" was so inspirational, watch this and be comforted. Kyle, our teaching pastor, explains how our earth is exactly where it needs to be in the Galaxy....no mistakes. If your life seems to be spinning out of control...it will be okay, God knows and He cares. The text is from Job.

There is Hope!!

PS Gotta add this new photo of Jack, he will be a month old July 20th....he's coming to visit week after next and I can't wait!! God is so good!!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, if I let myself stop and elaborate on the terrible things that are going on, I probably wouldn't get out of bed every morning. I try to see God's creation all around me and hold his promises in my heart but there are days where it is hard.

I am thankful for meeting friends who love Jesus like me.


Pink Slippers said...

The news gets me so upset. I can not watch it.

Renie Burghardt said...

I'm like Pink Slippers, the news gets me upset. So much evil in the world. But so much good as well. I have a mantra I recite over and over when I'm upset- "I'm too blessed to be stressed!" And I list my blessings.

Your little grandbaby is precious! How sweet it swill be to have him there soon.

Hugs and blessings,


Robin said...

that's not even funny about the water! at least we have a pool i would have dived into... but man, it would have taken some restraint for me to not be upset about no notice for such a thing!