Thursday, July 30, 2009

My struggles with keeping the weight off..

I'm kind of hesitant to talk about this because I don't want to be the poster girl for weight loss or make anyone that struggles with their weight to feel bad. I just read an article in our local paper today that said only 10% of people that loose weight keep it off...

10%! Yikes!!

These pictures were taken in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at a cabin we were staying in, the photo says 4/4/04, strange.... found it the other day while looking through pictures saved in Picasa. I think I look like a refrigerator...hated having my picture made..hated it. Dick and I were stuffed and not very healthy...walking was getting harder and harder for me. Dick was in 40 pants and going he wears 36 inch waist pants,

Glory hallelujah!

Everything has changed now. I'm more at peace since the weight issue is gone...this is the real me. Sis had me open my eyes wide in the photo above...that's the way I want them to stay...wide opened. I want to be part of the 10% that keep the weight off!!

Read where Kirstie Alley has gained all her weight back plus one and a half years. Think of that guy Michael Hebranko that lost 700lbs to gain back 800lbs and now has lost 300lbs....breaks my heart!

Kirstie used Jennie Craig...Michael had help from Richard Simmons. I've given a lot of thought to successful weight loss... my opinion is, I believe every ones body, chemical make-up, life issues are so very different and the reason people fall off and gain back is because you have to find your own path to health. Nobody knows what you know about yourself.....

If you faithfully log in everything you eat on a free website like it will not take you long to realize what the problem is. For me I had no idea what a portion was..restaurants pile it on and I ate it up. It takes time to figure things out...I had the extra weight for 25 years! Lost most of the weight in 8 months....the first three months were a real struggle, but necessary.

Baby, it helps to set small 5 pound goals....if you eat within your calories The Daily Plate sets up for will lose weight. Exercise is very important but the main thing is the food. Enjoy life! Don't take all your favorites away...find a way to include them. I LOVE sandwiches, so I use the panini press almost everyday. Sargento makes low-fat sliced cheese, 50 calories...ham and turkey are just 60 calories for a 2oz serving. Buy really good bread...hopefully with some fiber in it. Hellman's low-fat 35 calories! Mustard just 5 calories! Add some baby carrots and cucumbers with some cucumber garlic or red pepper Tzatziki. I buy it at Walmart next to the cream cheese section...yummy! Greek Yogurt.

Don't give up good taste or good food...skip the diet stuff...that will make you sad..choose low fat if it takes good, like Edy's ice cream 1/2 fat. If you like chocolate, have it! I've heard it said if you can eat good healthy foods 80% of the time you are doing good. Try if you need great cooking ideas...make sure you use the ones from Cooking Light with the calories and nutrients included.

The thing is..if I can do this, anyone can. We have this one life, God wants good things for through exercise and eating right are good things we can achieve.


Jodee Leader said...

You look fabulous! Keep up the great work!

Jboo said...

I agree with Jodee -- you do look fabulous! I love your cooking tips! I have a bit of a problem with a chocolate addiction! :( Have a great weekend.


Renie Burghardt said...

You're looking good, Marie! And what great tips. I went from a 140 pounds in 2005 (I'm 5 foot tall) to a 110 pounds and have stayed at that weight ever since. I pretty well eat low fat, lots of fiber, no sugar, I use Splenda, and keep the carbs low, but do indulge in some favorites, as a treat. That way I don't feel deprived. I eat out frequnetly with friends, and still keep the weight off. I exercise, usually by walking. It can be done, but it is a struggle, as you say.

Great post! Have a wonderful weekend.


Maree said...

Thanks everyone...not a day goes by I don't thank the good Lord for this second chance at life!

Melissa said...

You've come a long way and work so hard to keep your healthy lifestyle in are gorgeous! Proud of you!!

Melissa McD said... look just much more confident. You're glowing!! (And I love your blog...always so encouraging.) Kate and Jack are just beautiful. Congratulations on your family's new additions. Now that everyone has arrived, Charlotte...or Char as Katelyn calls her...and I must plan a Louisville day with the Brinkes!)

Mindy said...

Can't wait to try the Greek yogurt dip. You always have new ideas for us. You and Dick both look terrific. You guys can be our poster people any time you wish.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

You look so pretty. It makes you look so young. You are pretty inside and out. You are always so inspiring. I'm so thankful for your friendship.