Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm back on track....

It feels good to be back logging in my food at

It feels good to be back on track

I stopped logging into TDP last year in November. After 8 months of logging in every day and after losing 60 pounds, I wanted to see if I could maintain my weight on my own using the skills I had learned.

A lot happened during the time I stopped logging in.
  • The stressful election
  • The down turned economy
  • Dick lost his job
  • We started a new business
  • We lost our nest egg
  • We moved
  • Our son and his wife both lost their jobs
  • Another son and his wife had a beautiful baby boy
  • Our daughter and her husband made the decision to adopt a precious little girl with special needs and traveled to China to gather her up and bring her home

That's just a few things, left out some others, but you get my drift.....

Stress has been abundant.

One thing I didn't want to have happen was to return to stress eating.....stuffing my face to "feel" better. While losing the weight last year I dealt with some painful reason why I had overeaten. That part is over....done!

Logging in again I find that I was basically on track. What I like the most about logging in again is eating 1450-1500 calories a day.....makes me feel so much better! (In maintenance, I was eating about 2, 000 calories a day or so ) It's good to see I'm keeping the fiber up and sodium down. That's one of the reasons I LOVE about the's great to see the numbers at the bottom of the page that tell you how you are doing nutrition wise.

The whole reason I lost the weight was to return to health....

Return to life and myself.

This morning I noticed the new packaging on the English Muffins

I keep out on the counter.

Better Start

I buy the "light" multi-grain with 8g of fiber. I used to eat Fiber One bars with 9g of fiber but had to give them up....the chicory root in them gave me fits.

Starting out in the morning eating Thomas English Muffins with 8g of fiber gives me a better chance of getting in 24g of fiber per day I need.

Hopefully, this time logging in I'll have a better start at accomplishing staying on track. I'm going to work on better snack food this time....lower calories, nutritious and filling. I'll let you know what I find out!

As for dealing with the faith in God, my belief that He loves me and will never leave me, pulls me through every time. I know that my redeemer lives!


Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

I will have to check out TDP.I need get back on track also.My exersise is going well but I have not lost a pound.I feel like I might not be eating too much.

Charlotte said...

I started logging again yesterday. How is your toe doing? I could come and make you some chicken soup.

Maree said...

I found out you need to eat to lose. If I fall below 1400 calories a day my body thinks I'm starving and saves up. I'm mbrinke there at TDP...friend me!!

Toe still hurts (thank you very much!)...can't wear shoes. I've been walking about 3 level miles a day wearing Crock sandals. (Miss the hills so much!)

Yea!! for logging's the best thing you can do for your health!

Come anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Maree you are so inspiring. I too am back on track and making much better choices. I will get there, I know it, it's a slow road but it's okay, what's the hurry because I am getting out of Egypt and I don't want to return like I did before.


Mindy said...

I was reading some of your older posts yesterday and realized that today is the one year anniversary for "At Home with Maree." Congratulations!!

I stumbled on your blog a month ago, started on TDP the same day, and have lost six pounds since June 1. I have learned so much by being honest with myself and recording everything I eat. Such an education. Thank you for being so upfront about your starting weight and showing "before" pictures; I know how hard that is but I found it so encouraging. (I weighted 205 when I started and am now 199. These high numbers seem unreal to me.) You are such an inspiration!!

Charlotte said...

Have you tried the Arnold Select Sandwich Thins? They are so good - 100 calories for both pieces. They are like a flat dense bun - they come in white, whole wheat and multi-grain.

Maree said...

Yep, I love them...they say Pepperidge Farm has done the same thing and they are very good too!

Maree said...

Congrats Mindy...that is a real milestone!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Maree,

You seem to be doing wonderfully well with your diet. I have to eat a healthy diet, for my health, and I pretty well eat low carb. I am a diabetic, and it works well for me in controlling my blood sugar without any medicatins. The right diet and some walking as exercise.

I'll have to check out TDP. It sounds like a great tool!

Hugs and blessings,


a woman who is said...

Amazing testimony to you and your God after getting through a year like this.

Can I just say that I have a feeling that all these changes/challenges will be producing and bringing about good for all of you.

You have been a bit of a living testimony to many of us in blogland. In spite of all your challenges, you have managed to stay in the race! Go Maree!

Sue Jolly said...

What is TPD? Could you send me the site? I need to lose several pounds.

sara said...


LOOK at you and the impact you are making in blog world! I am very proud of you!! I was tracking REALLY well this time last year; lost those last 10# - and all that. Well, when the stress hit me - I did what most people do and ate AND didn't exercise. I KNOW TDP works and I am going to start making my NEW grocery list this week.... get back on track.

Thanks for always being there!!