Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kate is 2!!

(Thanks Felicia!)

Happy Birthday!!!
Pop Pop and Re Re love you so much!

You are 2 Kate!


Football & Fried Rice said...

Happy Birthday, Smiley, Precious, Strong, Beautiful, Happy, Loved little Kate!!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little Kate! She is such a doll!

Renie Burghardt said...

Aww, isn't that just the most precious little face ever? Happy birthday to your beautiful Kate! May all her birthday wishes come true!

Birthday Hugs,


Jboo said...

So sweet -- Happy Birthday to Miss Kate! What a beautiful little girl!


Lindy said...

She has SO much personality for a a child who is only just now two years old!

Lorie said...

She is beautiful like he ReRe!
Sorry I've been neglectful at commenting- no excuses.
Isn't it sweet when our babies have birthdays?
Life is good!
Be blessed!