Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yummy Mummy Dogs...

These were a hit this past weekend at Rachel and Rich's neighborhood party...great for big kids too!
Get the recipe from


Lindy said...

The "web" is very clever! My mother and I were just talking about how we use to make hot dogs and cheese wrapped in a cresent roll. This is similar.

Lindy said...

Me again. I am reading "How Not to Act Old" by Pamela Satran. It would be funny if I didn't see myself in it acting old!

One of her lists is "17 things that use to be old but now are young."
1. Hair Dye
2. Bow Ties
3. Bob Dylan...
8. Pigs in a Blanket (!!!)

One thing she classifies as "acting old" is being on the eternal diet. Why? "Because it lacks the can-do spirit evidenced by younger women. That better body after baby ideal, that Biggest Loser mentality." Interesting.

Lindy said...

Ok....last comment. A recipe similar to your "Yummy Mummy Dogs" was on a cooking blog. They were called "Hallow Weenies." Both names are clever!