Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Answered Prayers

The time was 1974...don't you just love my rose colored glasses and feathered hair? I'd taken Brad and Melissa to have their pictures made and the photographer sat me down too....thank goodness, since we have very few pictures of the three of us. When times are stressful or hard...the last thing on people's minds are to get a picture taken.

I was a single mom, juggling running a plant store I owned with my dad, going to college part time and day to day life with two little ones.....it really helped they were awesome little guys...so good. You can't tell by looking at this picture, my self esteem was really in the gutter....I'd been told a lot I was stupid, fat and ugly...no one would ever want me. So overwhelmingly I'd believed it true. It wasn't, sadly enough, until I'd taken a Human Development Class at UofL that I'd started to realize that I was nice and people liked me!!

The feelings of self loathing and doubt would take over however, when I would sit in church with my kids and see all the loving families together...moms, dads, children. "Oh Lord", I'd pray, "I know I'm worthless and don't deserve anything, but Lord, could you send me a christian husband, please?"

I wish now I could sit down with that person that was me

and give her a big ole hug.

I'd tell her

Jesus loves you and you are so precious to Him.

He's not looking for you to be perfect.....no one is perfect

Jesus would tell her....

All these people you see here looking so fine here in MY house..

It's not always what it seems

no one, no not one of them have perfect lives

They all need ME.

God was listening and He had a plan for my life and Dick's.

We like to say we picked each other up out of the gutter and brushed each other off.

Together we were better.

Dick is my prince on a white horse, my rock of Gilbratar, and he makes me laugh til the cows come home. More importantly....he loves me....a really nice christian guy loves..... me!

Thank you Lord for answered prayers!

Dick adopted Brad and Melissa several years after we got married...and then along came Rich ....he's about 6 weeks old here.

February 24, 1978
We are blessed over and over

we look forward to many more years together

full of laughter and



Jodee Leader said...

What a beautiful post for your sweetie, Dick. Of course, I had no idea how much you had gone through before finding Dick and brushing him off. He was most definitely an answered prayer. In any event, I am so glad you found each other! You make a fabulous couple!

Melissa said...


We are so thankful that dad came into our lives, and loves you and us with all his heart and soul.

We love you all!!
Sis, Shawn & Little Bitty

Brad, Cheri and Sam said...

Happy Anniversary You guys! Dad is the man!

nanatrish said...

Happy Anniversary!! What gorgeous pictures! You were beautiful and still are. I pray you guys have a wonderful time together. God has blessed you both! I love seeing sweet Christian couples. I love your story. I didn't realize how the Lord had taken you from there to here. He is so wonderful!!!!

Melissa McD said...
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Melissa McD said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Maree, thank you for this post. It was just what I needed to read. Charlotte and I want to come visit soon and bring Katelyn to come and play with Leah...

joy! said...

Happy Anniversary! May the Lord continue to bless your marriage with many more happy years.