Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our New Home...

Welcome to our new "old home".....the fireplace burns wood..we haven't had one of those in a while...we roasted marshmallow's there during the ice storm week before last. I'm going to make panels for this room probably a neutral green. I need to move the rug to the left, but so far haven't "forced the issue".

Looking down the hallway to the 3 bedrooms, bathroom and the kitchen is the first door to your left. There is a tiny coat closet there too.

Think we are going to like a living room with no TV....already had a lot of talking and book reading in there! I'll try and get the dinning room and kitchen pictures up tomorrow.

Our comfy bed that will not hold me much past 5 or so....working on that! Only one bedside table would fit...I gotta find a small table for my side..need drawers. I'm using a very fashionable tray. :-)

Got the drapes up here....JoAnn Fabrics had rod's 50% off!

Guest bedroom will be really awesome when I get drapes made and pictures up....the quilt is blue toile. There's a cherry sugar chest and a cherry chest of drawers. I think I'll put the canopy on too. Looks really naked person it's homier but still a lot left to do.

The front porch Ala' winter...needs some pillows, people and ice tea!..It's the south, we ALWAYS have ice tea...well, and lemonade too! We are going to paint the front door a little darker red.

This is the view from the grand kids bedroom to the front porch and yard...Leah just loves the view!

Leah loves the reading pillow too...the room is bright and much better than their windowless condo bedroom!

This is the grand kids basement playroom....we have a lot to do to make it homey, but it's a start...need drapes and more artwork ASAP!

This is our basement family "office" is at one end...I have a window with a tree. All the windows in the house have a tree...good and bad...found that out in the ice storm!

Our poor buffet has not been in the dinning room for a was in our bedroom at the condo. The little rocker is very, very old. It belonged to Dick's grandmother....still holds grand kids!
Dick's office is on the second floor, it's really cozy.....he has a TV and his lap-top..nice set-up. There's a sky light over his desk...beautiful view.

This is supposed to be the master bedroom. Has a walk-in closet and the's an Ikea type bedroom I'm thinking.

I need to get something to hold my summer shoes, laid out here in the upstairs "master suite". Leah went shopping when she saw the shoes...she got really excited and picked out 3 pairs of the girliest heels for her playroom...gotta love it!!:-)

Oh's our pantry for now....LeAnn got any suggestions???!!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Your place looks so pretty. I think it looks great! You will have so much fun getting pictures up and drapes on all the windows. I love your porch too. Looks like a really comfortable, pretty house. I am so happy for you. Take care, my friend!

Memaw Barbie said...

You have certainly been busy.You have gotten so much done. Everything looks really comfortable and inviting. Aren't we ready for some front porch sittin? Spring cannot get here soon enough.
Leah is a little doll. It's so wonderful to live close enough to spend that time with them isn't it! God is good all the time Blessings

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty and cozy. You really got it put together pretty quickly. Pantry ideas....hmmmm....thinking.


Lorie said...

Everything looks wonderful! It is already so homey and will become more so I'm sure.
Thanks for sharing-
I'm sad because LeAnn is shut down again!
I hope all is weel with you and Dick-workwiseand healthwise.
Be blessed!

Pearl said...

Hi Maree... I think your new home is just adorable! Already you've made it so warm 'n inviting... I was especially fond of the downstairs Family room area... Sure was sorry to read about the ice storm 'n bad weather that y'all had... and very sorry about the loss of Dick's job. It's looking that way for so many of us, and we just keep on praying hard and talking with God each day... He will provide and protect us! I'll keep you and your family in prayer...
God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Felicia said...

Oh it looks so beautiful, comfortable and cozy! Home, sweet, home. Love your decorating!!

vintagewindow said...

Your new home looks very cozy and inviting. I am looking forward to future post as you add to the decor.

Happy Friday,