Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gramma, where is your pantry?....

Leah spent the day with me Monday....she always hits the floor running the minute she gets here! We park hopped since the day was so beautiful....60 degrees and the sun came out to play! Hit her favorite McDonald's too.....cheeseburger Happy Meal, no onions, no pickles please.

Park hopping means to go to Cherokee and Seneca Parks (they are right next to each other) and visit all the playgrounds...there are 4 different play areas all different and fun. My parents used to play tennis at Cherokee Park when they were dating over 70 years ago....we have so many memories here!

Our pantry at our condo was one of Leah's favorite places...Sam too come to think of it! Leah would always check out the pantry every time she would come over...even putting a foot stool in there from time to time. I made her an area down low in the cabinets here at our new home for her favorite plates, cups and straws...but no pudding, snacks or drinks in there! I didn't even think of when Leah came to get me, grabbing my hand to lead me into the kitchen...

"Gramma, where is your pantry?" pantry here in our 54 year old home.

Just a lot of love!


Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet post! Park hopping sounds like sooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

Now that's cute!! Gramma you must build a pantry for Leah and Sam...LOL!


Lorie said...

I'm sure Gramma at least has a cabinet for Leah and of course lots of love. Where are pictures?Leah is gorgeous-isn't being a Gramma a little like Heaven!
Hope things are going well!
I look for every post!!!!!!
Love ya, Lorie

Felicia said...

Oh sweet, sweet Leah. Who needs a pantry when you've got lots of love?