Monday, February 23, 2009

New Etsy purchase..

I like a busy soffit...hard to do when there isn't one. I decided vinyl words would be good. Sis helped me find this one at Etsy, I love it!

I'm still working on the to decide on window treatments. Dick made the valentine on the says ...I Love You the Most. I teased him, "who are the others, if you love me the most ??"...Sis said it stems from Pop Pop and Leah going back and forth on who loves who the most....but she did see my point! :-)


sara said...

ooohh, I LOVE it!! I have been loving the vinyl clings on the walls. I only one (so far) but I keep eyeing my next one! Upper Ca$e Living makes one that says, "Wash, Brush, Floss & Flush" for the bathroom - I think I need it - cause I am constantly having to remind the 3 that go in there - "did you remember??" Maybe having it written on the wall will make it easier :)

p.s. I LOVE the Valentine!! That is so sweet!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

I love your new expression and I love your new kitchen! I just recently became an expression junkie after attending an Uppercase Living party. Sara probably saw the "Wash, Brush, Floss & Flush" expression that I just recently posted. I am having a party on April 3 and I can't wait to get a few more! I already have them picked out!

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I love that. I have been wanting to put one of those in my house. I am so ready for spring!!!


vintagewindow said...

I love your new addition to your lovely kitchen and the cheerful color of your walls.

have a happy day