Friday, February 20, 2009

Keeping the love alive....

Valentine Day, Dick and I had reservations at our church for dinner and music provided by Michael O'Brien. We knew Michael from his Christian music...he writes wonderful songs and sings. He has written music for our Easter Passion Drama and has performed at our church many times. Michael has mentioned his dad, who is not a Christian, and not crazy about his music....but we didn't know much about him personally.

Dick and I walked into our Church's Family Life Center to see it had been beautifully transformed...the lights were low, flowers on the tables with red gift bags ...soft classical guitar playing...lovely. It really set the mood for romance...we were a little surprised, but loved it...we really needed it...the romance.

Then Michael started playing the piano and singing this really romantic...seductively romantic pulled their chairs together and hung onto every note.
I wanted to share one of Michael's' songs he sang.
(Clay Aiken has recorded this song too....if it sounds familiar)

Michael O'Brien's
music can be found at his website and his YouTube page has Michael and his wife Heidi's testimony...they have been through so much and are still very much in love.
Heidi was so cute Valentines night...she was dressed up in a simple long black gown with a lovely sheer shawl...she said, "Ladies, do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these." pointing down to her dress, Heidi went on to say,
"I bought this at a consignment shop for $40, and it's soooo worth it!".

When times get tough, we need to really hold on to each other....
dance in the kitchen, light the candles,
talk baby talk to each other,
run in the park and remember why we fell in love.

Dick and I will celebrate 31 years this Tuesday...
February 24, 1978....
I found true love, and I want to keep that love alive!!

Song of Solomon 7: 10
I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me.


Jodee Leader said...

Happy Anniversary! I agree -- it's soooo important to keep the love alive! I hope you have a great weekend!

vintagewindow said...

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing Michael O'briens music. Just my style.

Happy Friday


Pink Slippers said...

Happy Anniversary!

joy! said...

Happy Anniversary! Cherish every moment together.

Memaw Barbie said...

What a lovely evening. I love that song and the musician as well. I have not heard of him until now. I look forward to hearing more of his music now.
Blessings to you and Dick, I pray this is the best year ever for you both.

sara said...

Oh, your anniversary is tomorrow!!!! Happy Day!!!! What a wonderful reason to celebrate! How romantic!

Memaw Barbie said...

I have a very good friend who has a cabin(house)in Wears' Valley. It is about twenty minutes from Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburgh. Their house is really, really nice and they rent it at a very reasonable price. I can give you her number if you think you and Dick might want to go there. Blessings