Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Road So Far...

Frederick Olmsted designed Cherokee Park curvy, hilly and gorgeous...trees, paths, streams, rock bridges, rock formations, fountains, statues...lovely. It's one of my favorite places on earth to be.

I'd started thinking about walking this path over a month ago. Losing that last 10-15 pounds can be hard and I KNOW exercise and healthy eating go hand and hand with weight loss. Cherokee Park had big ole hills, lots of them. Needing a plateau buster, this could do the trick!

But I was scared, I'd met my Waterloo on a hill several years ago. But since loosing all the weight, my knees just don't hurt anymore. So when Melissa invited me to walk Cherokee with her, I jumped at the chance. Sis pushed almost 4 year old Leah in a stroller up winding hills while I tried to keep up with her. That girl can go! But I did it and didn't end up with sore knees or anything....truth of the matter is, I can do this path twice with no pain!

Since then, Dick and I try to walk Cherokee 3-4 times a week along with walking in our neighborhood or other parks. My pants are getting loser and I'm getting results!

If you are struggling, I feel your pain. This article at www.sparkpeople.com was a good one that may help you on your road to good health, you can read about it here.

Don't give up!! Never, ever give up!! Keep trying and you will suceed!


Barbara said...

I am sure that was a wonderful walk.

Like Chris Tomlin too

nanatrish said...

I imagine you are feeling so good. I'll bet the walk was so invigorating. I kept wondering if you were still in Louisville. I think I have my answer. Thanks for your sweet comments. I appreciate your prayers and support.