Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks Charlotte!!

If you have been a friend of my blog you know we have been going through some rocky waters lately. Loosing a job and starting over at our age is not exactly where you want to be in life, but....there we be, Dick and me.

Friends, family and our walk with God have been constant sources of support and comfort. Charlotte is the kind of friend that makes life a better place, she is a beautiful christian woman.

A few weeks ago Dick got a phone call from Charlotte. Dick and Charlotte have a good time bantering back and forth about her love for the University of Kentucky Wildcats and Dick's love of the University of Louisville Cardinals...huge school rivals here in the beautiful state of Kentucky. They don't agree about politics much either.

Nevertheless, doesn't matter a bit! We both love, love, love Charlotte! Charlotte is our friend forever in this life and forever in the next.

Getting back to the phone call. Charlotte wanted to know if Dick could use a couple of tickets to the Masters Tournament practice round in Augusta Georgia......did he?!! Oh wowwee, wowwee wow!! Dick has been on the golf course his whole life. His mom and dad both lifetime golfers passed on the love of golf to was their "church" really.

Getting tickets through the lottery system had eluded poor Dick and watching The Masters on TV was the closest he could get to the tournament. Until this moment in time when Charlotte said those magic words.....Would you like some tickets to the tournament?

Uh, Yeah!

A nice guy snapped this photo for us as we prepared to leave the course after having the best day....we were exhausted, but oh so content and happy.
Dick said for that one day, he didn't think about anything, it was like being in heaven....he walked and walked to see every bit of Augusta National Golf Course. What an absolutely gorgeous course....nary a weed, everything just perfect!

So Charlotte, thank you so much for your generous spirit.

Your gift was the best! Just the best!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool Maree...we actually watched the last several holes yesterday and I have never watched a golf tournament in my life. That course was so beautiful, especially in HDTV...LOL!! You guys look like you had a fantastic time! You are looking soooo good!!


Barbara said...

Saw your link on my blog. Nice to meet you. My husband has been watching the golf on TV here.

See you are from Kentucky and that you mention Louisville.

I have spent quite a bit of time there in the past.

Felicia said...

Way to go you two. What a thoughtful friend you have.

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! How very exciting! After everything you and Dick have been through recently, you soooo deserved this trip! It looks like you had a great time!

P.S. I love your new blog look too!

Melissa said...

I love these great photos and I love that you have such a great friend in your life and I love seeing you all with big ol' smiles on your faces!!

Love you and thanks again for the egg totally rock!

nanatrish said...

I am so happy that you got to go to the Masters. You got to come to my stomping grounds. If you get to go again next year please let me know and I can show you around Augusta. You look so pretty. So young. Isn't God so good to us.