Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tara all the way!!

I really missed Kristin last night....she should be there! I would have loved the Final Four to be Kristen, Tara, Felipe and Mike. Oh well....fingers crossed Tara wins.

Melissa and I were talking about losing weight, she asked me what I thought was the reason I could stay the course this time as opposed to all the other diets I'd been on and failed at

First of all, I'm not on a diet. I came to the realization that this is my life....forever. But, hands down logging onto a website that helped me to keep a record of the food I ate every day. For me is my go to spot to get calorie info....or log in for a few days if I need to get back on track. I tracked what I ate for about 8 months and lost about 60 pounds...most weeks I lost 2lbs.

It takes time to do it the right magic pill. After I lost 20 pounds, my body thanked me by letting me walk the first time in many years without pain.

Now I'm not the biggest girl in the picture any more...I blend with my girls!! Melissa my sweety pie daughter is to my left. Rachel (then 7 months pregnant) and Cheri, my beloved daughter-in-laws to my right.

Finding out the calories in the food I was putting in my mouth was eye opening.... I know things now... I can never go back to mindless grazing. Tracking the food I put in my mouth is HUGE! #1 reason I was able to finally get my life back.


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful and fit and HAPPY!! You are right, keeping track and telling yourself this is life not a diet is the key, I am finding out how much I was consuming without even realizing. I am on day 4 and feeling good. I am going to do this this time, there is no room for failure.


Melissa said...

Proud of you are beautiful inside and out. :)

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

This is such a great picture. You are so beautiful and look so young. You are such a sweet friend. I always appreciate your inspiration for eating right.