Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh yes we did!

It has been really HOT here for the last few days so Dick and I get up really early and get our 4-5 mile walk done. Even then, by the 1 1/2 half mile mark, I start the beads of sweat thingy.... It's been a couple of months since I added another mile and hills to my walk.
That's going great, so I wanted to add something else...but what? Along comes the American Heart Associations, Better U campaign. I joined and put the widget at the top right of my blog so you could check it out too. The campaign joins lots of women together to share experiences and strive to exercise more, eat better and stay informed about our health...
I love the blogs of these four women.

I've been doing great with staying on track with diet and exercise, however, lately I've wanted to snack around 9pm....salty, sweets or chocolate....not good choices. Perfectly good yummy fruits are waiting in the refrigerator,
bad thing is,
I want to by-pass them and get a chip or half a Hersey's chocolate bar.
"Danger" old habits popping up....
nipping them in the bud is called for ASAP!

After joining the Better U Campaign I made some promises to myself on my Journal entry I set up there. One, to stop the extra snacking and find something else to do instead.
Recognizing I have a problem is the first step to solving it.
Snacking....I'm going to quit you!!!!!!

While waiting for Sis and and the girls the other day at the park I noticed an older couple playing tennis....they weren't particularly good....they were moving around a lot picking up balls they missed. Every once in a while they would get a good volley going....they were having fun!
The main thing was they were moving.

Light bulb moment...that's the ticket!
I'd played tennis as a girl, hadn't picked up a racket since I used to play with my dad when Brad and Sissy were little people....
a long time ago.

My car temperature read 91 degrees last night at 8pm....didn't phase our tennis balls and rackets (we bought last night at Play It Again Sports) out of the car and walked boldly to the court and began the game of tennis. We weren't particularly good.....we were moving around a lot picking up balls we missed. Every once in a while we got a good volley going.... we had FUN!!!

And guess what? No snacking last night, mission accomplished!

Join me in the Better U Campaign!

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Robin said...

aww! did you wear a cute little tennis skirt and a sweater tied around your shoulders? hehe i can just picture you two looking so cute out there! that is so smart, you added excercise and combatted the snacking in one swoop! i wanted an ice cream cone so bad last night. so i told myself i could have one... but only if we walked there to get it!