Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Worshing the car....

We are kids again washing our cars...saving money has turned out to be fun. Our cars have never looked shinier. We use a couple of squirts of Dawn dishing washing detergent...magic!

We get kidded in Kentucky (a lot) because we say WORSH instead of WASH.

I love the rinsing the best..could do this all day!

Dick's turn...I'm glad my car is a lot smaller!

Dick REALLY gets into it....what a good boy! :-)

I walked around to the front yard and got a shot of the front garden...

caladiums, trailing geraniums, begonia's, impatiens, ferns and boxwood's.

Thanks to Home Depot I planted this little garden for cents on the dollar....

can't wait to see it when everything matures.

Backyard yard art.... this little chair has been in four of our gardens. Used to have the cutest little girl sitting on it. Once when she was sitting on the front porch, the paper boy executed her...still looking for her replacement.

We have a shade yard so Dick's tomatoes are in my planters in our sunniest spot

Dick's first strawberries

First tomato!!!

All done!

Note: We added sliced grilled chicken (that I reheated on the panini maker)
to our BLT's yesterday...oh my gosh where they ever good!
I'm making extra grilled chicken from now on!
To grill: we pat the chicken with olive oil,
sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper and grill...yum!


Jboo said...

Wow -- you really accomplished a lot! I say "worsh" too! :) Beautiful garden and plants!


Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! My kids love to wash our cars too! It could entertain them for hours! Your landscaping looks fabulous and I love the yard art!

I just noticed that your widget indicates “5 more days” until the new baby’s due date! How exciting!

Maree said...

The widget evidently doesn't have any way to say days past's really 5 days past...bless little Rachel's heart!

Charlotte said...

The CLT (Chicken Lettuce Tomato) sounds good - of course you can't beat a good tomato with anything. This is my 3rd day with no sugar - boy do I feel good. Didn't realize how it winds me up and drags me down. This is an easy time of year to eat healthy with all the good fruits and veggies.

The only thing I can say to Rich and Rachel is - 'it won't be as long as it has been'!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there girl....

You go girl...wash that car!! When are you going to show us the inside of your house my dear?


Memaw Barbie said...

Your yard is beautiful. I love all the shade. It is amazing what all you can get done with a little help from our hubbys!!! Blessings