Monday, August 18, 2008

I survived Ruth Chris...

For Rich's birthday we drove to Knoxville to celebrate his 25th with him. Another salesman in his company suggested Ruth Chris because they have the 2 for $89 special, which includes a salad/soup, entree with 2 sides and a dessert. He and his wife decided to join the 4 of us...the more the merrier!

Checked on-line to see if they have any nutritional information, could only find out their sweet potato casserole is 782 calories and the creamed spinach was 294 calories.....I'll have the water please! Found a blog that said Ruth Chris chefs pour butter over everything...lovely!

The thing is, one meal is not going to kill a diet, but I have always been a chain event eater. One thing goes to two things and there I go again struggling to do the right thing. Resolve won, and I survived. Ordered the trio, baked chicken, small crab cake and 4oz fillet Mignon, (ate half of everything) Caesar salad ( to die for!) broccoli, mushrooms, split ice cream with Dick and a small piece of Tres Leches cake...whew!! The food was out of this world delicious!

We walked a couple of miles later that night and had a wonderful, wonderful night. Rich and Rachel are so much fun to hang out with!

The main thing can can be done, habits can completely change course....WHEW!!


sara said...

I am proud of you! I am kind of in a "nothing sounds good" slump!

Maree said...

You gotta take care of Momma!! We need to think of good things for you to eat...I'll work on that!!

I'm keeping you in my's an unbelievable time in your life right now...gotta keep your strength up!