Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sissy's Birthday Dinner

Sissy and her tiny little birthday cake. We couldn't get Leah to crack a smile...she seriously wanted to know what was in that bag...enough with all this picture taking!!

This is my stab at a Fancy Nancy much fun having girls around! The guys even got into the necklace thing Pop-Pop!!

Since we all started this new healthier lifestyle we have been forgoing birthday cakes that you eat and eat and eat...till it's gone. We have a wonderful pie and ice cream bakery here that have the best desserts you could ever want. I took orders early of what everyone wanted.....strawberry cake, coconut cream pie, chess pie...gooey stuff, everyone is happy. Dessert once a month or so is not going to wreck your diet.

Sissy will always be my "little girl" so I had to do the birthday cake miniature. 08/08/08 was a very good day!! We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics...Wowwy, wozzer!!

This a happy Mom...I love cooking for my family and having them come home! I realize I look like Howdy Doody ;-).....but this is the first picture taken of me that I can see the weight loss.

Maybe next time I'll let Dick take a picture of more than my face, poor guy has had a life time of me screaming, "waist up!!"


sara said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

You girls all look great!

The McDonalds said...

Oh my gosh look AWESOME!!! You go!!! You just might be my inspiration to get started. I'll hang with Charlotte!!!