Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wet T shirt night....

If anyone walked or exercised in our town last night they had to of experienced the wet t-shirt experience. I had on a white t-shirt...not a great idea since I was soaked to the bone when I got home. Thankfully, it was dark. A few bugs had jumped on for the ride too...lovely! But I did it!

This morning I got up early and walked 5 miles. The morning was cool bright and beautiful, so my t-shirt stayed a little dryer today.

Exercise is the key to so many things...your overall health, bone and muscle strengthening, weight management and peace of mind.

There was a time when I could only look out the window and watch other people walking, I never take it for granted. It took an 92 year old lady to get me walking again 3 years ago. If she could get out there and walk every day....well, so could I. Thanks, Lorraine!


Felicia said...

I used to be a workout fanatic. But unfortunately, stopped for a while. Thanks to Melissa, I'm moving again. I call exercise nature's prozac. I'm so much happier and confident when I'm working out. You're doing great and look great too!!

sara said...

I think we are ALL so much happier once we are DONE with our exercise!! I know I am :) Congrats on 5 miles, that is HUGE - especially in this heat!

Shaye said...

Wow, that's great! (And I'm chuckling at the thought of your buggy passengers along for the ride.)

I am really impressed! I need to kick my exercise up a notch--ok, several notches. My friend Dawn just suggested the "Couch to 5K" to me, then I read your post about the 93 year old lady.

I'm starting to feel convicted! ;)