Monday, August 4, 2008

Some little thoughts..

It took about six weeks of tracking my calories at for new patterns to form.

Seems like it should take longer, since I'd been eating anything I wanted when I wanted it for most of my life. (Dick and I talk about how we should have weighed 500 pounds.)

We would go to
Chick Fil A and have a number one and usually a dessert too...loved the lemon pie, and sad to say, sometimes a milkshake.

It never seemed like a lot of really wasn't, just high calorie.

Sundays we always have extra calories since we usually grab a banana or granola bar to eat on the way to church and don't have the usual 350 calorie breakfast. It's on those days we allow ourselves something old school. Dick absolutely loves Steak N' Shake.....especially when they put out those coupons. So last night we head over to Steak N' Shake, not blindly, but prepared. We check the calories we have left for the day and the Steak N' Shake website. We get a single with cheese hold the mayo and split a small fries......we are happy campers! We found we just don't need the double with cheese and everything, large fry and milkshake. Why were we eating all that stuff to begin with?!! Mindless is all I can come up with....brains on hold. Like in Joe Versus The Volcano...brain cloud!

Dick got to 199 pounds this weekend...I heard a hoot from the bathroom where the scales are and saw the "happy dance". I wore my new size 12 pants to church Sunday. We came home from Church and walked 6 miles, then walked 2 more miles later that night. Who are we anyway!!?? This didn't happen overnight. When I first started walking again in February 2008, I did a slow two mile walk and gradually worked my way up to a brisk 6 mile walk. I feel like I could start jogging, but I'm going to wait until I lose another 10 pounds.

Never, never, never give up! New habits are possible, change is good. If you have a bad day, that's okay, get up, brush yourself off and start all over again! You can do it! I can do it! We can do it! We really can!!


sara said...

When we want to "treat ourselves" we have been splitting "it". Whatever "it" is. This weekend we had BBQ Beef brisket & fries, yum!! But 1/2 the usual! We, too, have spent way too much time eating whatever we wanted!!

Shaye said...

I want to be like you if and when I grow up!!

I just started my big turnaround in mid-July after my 38th birthday. I've heard that it's harder to get in shape, so I'm starting now after 38 years of treating my body like anything but a temple.

Before that, I'd been trying to eat healthier, but gave in to junk food when it was inconvenient. I, too, was surprised that I didn't weigh 500 lbs!

Anyway, I've been trying to behave, and I'm going to look to you as part of my inspiration! Splitting an order of fries is genius!!