Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little things...

Seems like along with weight loss
come some little changes that all add up.

Eat to live, not live to eat.

Nutritional information is required reading. If something has a sodium level of over say 700mg a serving....I pass it up, or too many calories per serving. There are just too many wonderful tasting low calorie foods to enjoy to fill up on junk. It seems I tend to shop around the edges of the grocery store and have a basket full of fruits and vegetables, saving money too!

Exercise is a way of life, like brushing your teeth or eating.

Sleep and rest....time out...very important to health. Also, just spending quiet time to pray or listen to music renews your spirit, feeds your soul.

My danger time of a day used to be 4pm...I'd get hungry and grab anything, then eat dinner several hours later. I've noticed since I've been eating more whole foods, my body has stopped the craving at 4pm. If it does happen to hit me, I have a healthy snack, grapes, banana, almonds, wheat crackers, laughing cow cheese or Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bar.

Drinking water has become more important to me too, diet sodas don't have their draw like they used to.

Sometimes all it takes is one or two little changes at a time, not a complete overhaul.

note...I just got my shipment of Ann Taylor Loft size 12 jeans...I'm loving this!! ;-)


sara said...

I love, love, love almonds! You reminded me that I need to go & get some laughing cow cheese!

Felicia said...

Congrats on your new skinny minnie jeans. You're doing so good. Love the healthy snack tips.