Friday, January 2, 2009

An Apple a Day

These are Honey Crisp apples.....they are delicious!!

It's better to keep these in the refrigerator to keep their crisp juicy crunch....they are the only apples that I keep cold. I get them at Fresh Market but I've seen them at Meijers and Walmart .

Apples fill you up, are loaded with nutrients and fiber.

Cut them up and serve them with a serving of peanut butter or take cottage cheese, low-fat cream cheese and a little orange juice (Splenda) and mixed them together to make a dip....that makes a party!

I like them plain....LOVE them!!


Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

Hi I joined the sparks team after reading your blog last week and today I went and joined the bootcamp team.
Six year ago I lost 80 pounds and I have gained half of that back.I am trying to get back on track.My husband is a inspiration to me as he lost 110 pounds two years ago .Before he lost the weight he was diabetic had high blood pressure and was looking at back surgery,now he is off all medicine and runs 5 miles a day.
Thanks you for the inspiration I get from reading your blog.

Maree said...

Wow Brenda! You absolutely made my day.... that is all I want to do is pass it on!! It's free gift just waiting for us to say..Yes!! I'll do it!!

If you did it before, you can do it again...this time for keeps!!

Jodee Leader said...

These are my favorite apples too! Now I just need to ditch the peanut butter I dip them in every single day!

Pearl said...

Hi Maree... Mmmmmmmmm... those apples are so beautiful... I jotted the name down so my husband can look for some at the grocery store! I hope you're doing well ~ I've missed our visits and am looking forward to catching up with you as fast as I can! I'm betting that your Christmas was magical and filled with many sweet blessings... and, I hope 'n pray that this new year is kind to you... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~