Sunday, January 4, 2009

First day of Spark People Bootcamp....

Come on no excuses,

Here it is, day one!! I'm going to do this twice today along with walking 3 miles...if this ole

56 year old Grammy can do this, you can too!!!

10 minutes that all!!

Note* I loved day one...really easy, do it at your own pace and remember to breathe!!

Fresh strawberries are

showing up all over!!

They are a bit pricey

but sooooo good!!

1 cup sliced 50 calories!


sara said...

How can you put a price tag on your health?? :)

Ok, I"ll admit I did REALLY bad in China. And since I have been home. I am thankful for a new year & a new start!!

PLEASE don't ever go away; I need your inspiration!!!

Jodee Leader said...

Thanks for posting this workout video. Kamree, my 2 year old, was completely mesmorized by it!

Those strawberries look sooo delicious! I love almost every kind of fruit, especially if someone else cuts it up for me!