Monday, January 5, 2009


Why can't I get it...why do I keep reaching for that cookie or chip...



Dick and I are the poster kids for struggle.

We have this one down.

Dick's job is directly associated with the economy....we are struggling, have struggled and will continue to struggle. We are learning to be THANKFUL for the struggle.

Struggling with food will always be with us....always. The difference is now that we have the tools to help us many websites out there that are bending over backwards to really help people get healthy. God has sent the boat....we have to help ourselves. He will give you the strength.......rely on His grace and strength each day.

It's very early in the morning....I was laying in bed and something urged me to come write about struggling. My sweet friend LeAnn told me about this great new devotional book called Jesus Calling. Well, I bought it yesterday at the bookstore in my church.....I pick it up a few minutes ago and turn to January 5th...this is what it said....

You can achieve the victorious life through living in deep dependence on ME. People usually associate victory with success: not falling or stumbling, not making mistakes. But those who are successful in their own strength tend to go their own way, forgetting about Me. It is through problems and failure, weakness and neediness, that you learn to rely on Me.

True dependence is not simply asking Me to bless what you have decided to do. It is coming to Me with an open mind and heart, inviting Me to plant My desires within you. I may infuse within you a dream that seems far beyond your reach. You know that in yourself you cannot achieve such a goal. Thus begins your journey of profound reliance on Me. It is a faith-walk, taken one step at a time, leaning on ME as much as you need. This is not a path of continual success but of multiple failures. However, each failure is followed by a growth spurt, nourished by increase reliance on Me. Enjoy the blessedness of a victorious life, through deepening your dependence on ME. 2 Corinthians 5:7

WOW!! Thank you Lord. In the beginning of this whole get healthy thing....I just wanted to loose 10 pounds!! I NEVER dreamed I could loose almost 60 pounds in six months!!

I just want to say...don't beat yourself up!! Have the faith that you can do this...scroll that 10 minute what you can..arthritis won't let me hop, but I can what you can.
Pray for me, and I will pray for you!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning my sweet friend,

Don't you love this devotional? Never in all my years of reading devotionals have I ever had one like this!! Jesus is talking to me everyday in it. I was definitely supposed to get this and tell others about it. I too am still struggling, trying to find a balance in my eating. I definitely gained over the holidays and now I have to find my way back!

Glad you got the devotional. I bought it at our church bookstore too!!


Jodee Leader said...

I struggle because I constantly crave salt and sugar! Thank you for inspiring me to start exercising again today!