Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all thank you! blog fairy.....sweet daughter are my shinning star!! I love the new blog makeover!! You bless me over and over and I am so very grateful!!

This year is going to be my maintaining and toning year.

I'm excited to tell you about something is promoting that I signed up for.

New You Boot camp starting January 4th and ending Jan 31st.

Here’s what the Bootcamp involves:
A 7-Day Workout Program. We’ve created daily workout videos that take less than 10 minutes to complete! Do just ONE video each day for four weeks to sculpt every major muscle group in minutes a day. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells (pick a weight appropriate for your fitness level) and a stability ball to follow along, but keep in mind that many of the workouts can be modified if you don't have all of this equipment.
Five 30-minute cardio sessions each week. You pick the cardio and the intensity!
Daily bonus challenges and tips. Each day, we’ll post a bonus challenge that will help you achieve your goals.
Weekly SparkMails to offer motivation and tips for the upcoming week.

If you haven't joined Spark People yet...what are you waiting for?!! It's free, and has the best advice for a better healthier you and great recipes. Do it now while it's still free....Join the New You Bootcamp team with me!!

I'm dedicated to continue to try new recipes and post them, plus any tips I pick up along the way. Also, any questions you may have, I'll try to help you in any way.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful year! Here's to 2009!!

May God Bless you and give you JOY!!


Jodee Leader said...

I love your new blog makeover. It's just perfect for you!

I hope 2009 is a great year for you. I think you look fabulous already! I love that blue sweater too!

Felicia said...

I love your new blogover. You look fabulous...absolutely fantastic. Happy New Year to your sweet, sweet family.