Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Loving our neighbors...

Our neighbor Ballard is doing as well as anyone could expect given the fact he just buried his wife of 62 years and is taking chemo and radiation for lung cancer. He was a wonderful neighbor! He's in our prayers and we will travel to Lexington as much as we can to visit him.

We got to play catch up with our across the street neighbors Joyce, Phil and their son Cam. Joyce and I went to Ballard's house and got the food set out for the family. Joyce flew into action and I tried to keep up with her. Joyce was for a long time an emergency room nurse...the best! For a while now though she works for a Pharmaceutical company helping them with drugs they's over my head, but she's BIG TIME now.

We actually call Joyce...Doctor Joyce.....I can't tell you how many times over the years she has come to our aid...middle of the night you could call her, and she would run over and help. Our son Rich would get so sick with strep throat several times a year...scary stuff! She had also done that for Ballard and Jean...Joyce is a give you the shirt off her back kind of person.

With the world the way it is now a days....we need to all become Joyce's and lend a hand to our neighbors and love them like Jesus.

Thanks Joyce for the reminder!

Love them like Jesus..Casting Crowns


sara said...

I love this song..and it is so hard to love "them" like Jesus - what does that really mean, what does that really look like? It is so difficult through our "fallen filters" sometimes!

You are very blessed with great neighbors!

Jodee Leader said...

Your neighbors sound fabulous! We, too, are blessed with great neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Timely post...I just was able to catch up with an old friend only to find out that her daughter's husband has been having an affair and they have only been married 5 months. Funny thing....she has been on my heart for weeks now and I was supposed to call her and I didn't. OBEDIENCE!! Yes, love them like Jesus!