Monday, September 21, 2009


Be inspired by Jennifer's story....

I found the first video at a sweet blog called Marsha's Musings that I found on the Internet Cafe Devotions. They have a list (at the top right) of their top 100 Christian! I was inspired by sweet Jennifer Rothschild. Let's all take can't out of our vocabulary....We can!

“I have never believed that my limitations were in any sense punishments or accidents. If I had held such a view, I could never have expected the strength to overcome them.” ~ Helen Keller

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Marsha said...

Thank you, Maree for your sweet words here and on my blog today. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my humble little place in cyperspace. Please fix yourself a cup of tea and sit back with me any time.

Congratulations on your 60 pound weight loss last year! That's truly awesome! I need to do the same thing. It gets harder as we get older. Oh my!

Blessings to you today and always.