Friday, September 25, 2009

Prayers for Kate

My granddaughter Kate is going to have her first corrective surgery
this coming Tuesday morning.
We will all be glad when it's over, first we must go through it.
I've got to talk straight from a Gramma's heart.
I love this precious little girl.
I thank God that he chose my daughter to be her momma.
I believe Kate is perfect in every way....perfect.

"It's me again Lord, please hear my prayer for Kate.

Prepare the way...protect her, comfort her, heal her...

please Lord, comfort her.

Guide the surgeons hand and those that assist him.

Put your loving arms around Sis and Shawn and give them peace,

they love Kate so.

I know Lord you already know what we need,

so I'm putting my hope and trust in you to take care of Kate.
In Jesus name, Amen"

Note: Kate's operation will start at 9am, Tuesday Sept. 29


Jodee Leader said...

Hoping and praying Kate's surgery goes well next week. We will be sending get well wishes from Nebraska!

a woman who is said...

My heart is right there with you. Last year at this time Eden had a surgery. It is a bit scary. I am agreeing with you in every word you prayed! Amen

Renie Burghardt said...

Love and lots of prayers will be coming precious little Kate's way for the next several days.

"Fear not, because God is with you!"

Hugs and blessings!


Lindy said...

I have loved reading Kate's story. I loved that she was immediately drawn to you at the airport and that she searches for Dick high and low. She is a beautiful child. I so admire your daughter for having the courage to adopt a special needs child.

I too will be praying for little Kate next Tuesday and sending warm and healing wishes her way.

Felicia said...

We are praying for sweet, precious Kate!!

Memaw Barbie said...

Yes, you are so right. God already knows your needs, Sis and Shawn's needs and especially sweet Kate's needs. There is a reason Kate is with Sis and Shawn. We are given what we need everyday to get thru my dad's cancer treatments and it is because of intercessory prayer. Thank you so much for continued prayer and support. We will be covering you all in prayer on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Blessings to you all.

Melissa McD said...

I'm praying for Kate and for all of you as you love her so much! She is such a beautiful child!!! Full of life...a fighter...She'll do GREAT! Many blessings...

Jboo said...

Sending prayers for your sweet Kate and all of you. HOpe it all went well. Take care.


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I will be praying for little Kate. She seems like such a beautiful child, inside and out. I imagine it must be scary for you guys. I pray the Lord will surround you with angels and it will be be so good. I pray He will put His arms around you. luv trish

Maree said...

Thank you all so much for your prayers! You all are so precious! Thanks!

Cousin Leslie said...

Just wanted Kate to know the she is in our prayers now and always.

Love bunches and bunches,

Great Uncle Jerry, Great Aunt Susie,Cousins - Leslie,Tim,Raimi,Lucian,Sarah,Larry,Tre'von,Lajerrius,and Zandon

sara said...


I lift up Melissa & Shawn & Leah & Kate to you. I pray for healing for little Kate and patience & endurance for her forever family. I pray for wisdom for the surgeons whom they are trusting. I pray for Kate's heart, that she would know that her family loves her & adores her and that she would feel peace & comfort. Protect her, Lord.

In Your Son's Name,