Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is That Fall in the Air?....

The pumpkins are ready...

we witness these this morning on our walk on the Anchorage Trail.

It was an eventful walk....

a Physical Therapist, also on a walk,

stopped to help Dick out with shin splints.

She explained to him to point his feet downward

over the edge of the walkway and lean in against me and hold for 30 seconds.
Very effective.
As we practiced that exercise, an older couple

stopped to see if everything was okay...

so sweet

We found out the man had just been released from the hospital

and was walking to regain his strength.

He said he was plagued with leg cramps and I told him about pickle juice.

They found that very funny

but since I have experienced severe leg cramping

and found much relief from drinking pickle juice...

Thought I'd pass it on....what could it hurt?

They added a new swing...

Thoughtfully planted sunflowers...lots of them!
Neat rolls of soy beans....

Soy bean flower...lovely

Fields of Black Eyed Susan's...
We had a lovely walk on the Anchorage Trail

this first morning of September

Visit my post from last year with pictures and facts about

this beautiful trail created and paid for by

Papa John Pizza Founder and Owner John Schnattner

If you ever come to Louisville...please visit.

It's almost that time of year!

St James Art Show time!!

One month away!

Here's my post about last years show....... St James Art Show

The St. James Art Show

"The St. James Court Art Show ® is a juried fine arts and fine crafts show. Always held the first full weekend of October, it hosts an impressive 750 artists from North America. Held in the heart of historic Old Louisville among the country's largest collection of Victorian homes, the St. James Court Art Show® has for over five decades provided our neighborhood, city and state with a rich cultural and artistic legacy." (copied from their site)

October 2, 3 or 4th. 10am-6pm

Friday morning is the best time...

but anytime is a good time to come...I'll be there!


Jodee Leader said...

What a perfect fall day! I love fall too!

Your comment today about the price of your puppy had me cracking up! I could see Cory sitting in the car while I write a hefty check someday!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Maree,

We're having Fall weather already! Our low was 50 overnight, and it got to a lovely 75 degrees today, with lots of sunshine. I love Fall as well. Doesn't everybody?

What beautiful pictures of Anchorage Trail. And wow, look at those pumpkins. And the soy bean flower is pretty. Never saw one before.

Pickle juice for leg cramps? Are you serious? I get them sometimes in the middle of the night, so does my daughter. Do you drink the pickle juice when you're gaving a cramp, or drink it to prevent cramps? Thanks for that tip. Will have to try it.

Wish I could attent the art show!

I really enjoyed your post. But then, I always do. Have a nice evening.



Jboo said...

What a lovely walk! Black-eye Susans are my favorites! We're having fall here in Nebraska already too!


nanatrish said...

What a beautiful walk. You have made some gorgeous pictures.

Memaw Barbie said...

What an awesome place to walk. You are so faithful to walk daily. You inspire me.
I would be very tempted to come to Louisville for the art show, but Daddy's 80th birthday is that weekend and we will be traveling to Dallas.
Your photos are wonderful. Blessings

margue said...

Thanks for blogging about the St James Court Art Show! I'm looking forward to a great show with awesome artists!