Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why I chose Calorie Counting....

Laura this post is for you (or anyone else that might be curious) since you asked why I chose calorie counting over Weight Watchers. I love Weight Watchers and have nothing against all! It just didn't work for me, the points drove me bonkers. I'd loose the weight and gain it back every time...

Losing weight is so very personal...everyone is different and everything I write is my experience, what works for me. My life was changed forever when I made the choice to stick to a calorie counting plan. Every day I thank God for a second chance.

I truly believe counting calories makes you stand on your own two make the choices what you will eat and the exercise you will do. It's YOUR program. I believe if you forge your own way, turn your own boat around, you will stay the course.

When you log into
or or you enter your age, height and weight. The site will calculate the calories you should eat each day to lose 1-2 pounds a week. When I first started at TDP I ate around 1,800 calories a day. In the beginning I just logged in what I usually ate. Didn't change much at evolved as I lost the weight. After about three months of calorie counting, I knew I could do this the rest of my life, which is key. Soon you realize restaurants are making us fat, that we go back for seconds when we shouldn't and our portions are too big. Also seeing the nutrients you are getting each day automatically added to your food charts..priceless.

My daughter Melissa was extremely supportive...she would challenge me to go for it. "Mom, this works ( counting calories) it really, really works!". When she gave me some of her old size 10 pants and jeans, I thought she was crazy! Sis would say, "mom, just try to get one leg in them." Sure enough one day I got both legs in them! Plus seeing her loose weight, going from size 10 to 4's and 6's really inspired me.

I did use Dottie's website which is essentially WW to help with restaurants. Also used WW magazine and WW website for inspiration and recipes. Mostly I use for Cooking Light recipes. Love the fact readers leave comments...tried and true.

If you need the support of a group...WW is the way to go. LeAnn uses WW with success and I have another friend, Melissa that has lost over 50 pounds using WW. The on-line calorie counting websites all have forums and groups to find support....I've used them all. My new site uses motivators. I'm working on improving weight training right now. We loose muscle as we age and I want to do all that I can do to stop that from happening.

Finally, I calorie count because it really, really works! Calorie counting is free, walking is free....that makes me feel good! It gets easier over time and becomes second nature, new skin. It worked for me and it's something I will do the rest of my life. I feel like the girl in the picture above and I'm 56 years old. I'm nobody special ...if I can do can too!

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Renie Burghardt said...

What a great post, Maree! And so inspiring. You obviously found what works for you. I sort of count calories, but only by guessing, and I eat low carb. That's a must for me, since I am a diabetic. Low carb keeps me off of medicines. I also exercise. Well, I walk, and I work with some weights, nothing heavy mind you, a couple of times a week, to keep my muscles from going to flab land, and also to keep my bones as strong as possible at age 72. Well, almost 73. I am sorry I became careless in my mid-50s, and gained around 40 lbs. If I had not, I may have kept the diabetes at bay a bit longer. But now, I have to do the best I can to keep myself as healthy as possible. For my children, grandchildren, and especially for me!

But, I am making this comment much too long. I am happy for your success, and if you stick to it, you'll stay strong and healthy well into you senior years!