Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The real truth about diet versus exercise....

These guys are too cute...they are comparing exercise to

in this case, drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino and a Starbucks brownie...yum!

However, together the fappuccino and brownie equal 1100 calories.

Showing this video to Dick FINALLY got through to him...finally!

We walked 7 miles yesterday...had the best time

could have walked more.

To Dick, walking those 7 miles gave him

Carte Blanche to eat anything he wanted.

Dick weighs about 200 pounds, he walks 15 minute miles, give or take.

He burns about 504 calories an hour walking 4 miles an hour...

yesterday he burned about 840 calories.

Say he is trying to lose a few pounds (which he is)

It takes 3,500 extra calories a week to gain a pound

therefore, 3,500 a week less to lose a pound.

That's on average 500 less calories a day.


Eat anything?...

Why not go to Starbucks and get a Skinny Latte?

A Grande Skinny Latte is about 130 calories.

The days of us eating anything are over.

We think and plan

Sis found a new website (you rock sweet daughter of mine!)


This is a free website....

I love it and am going to start logging in there.

Good site to find out recommended calories to lose weight or maintain.


Renie Burghardt said...

Ha! You finally got Dick to understand it all! No more fried chicken or crispy, deep fried catfish, or any other delicious foods?

And your explanation is great, Maree. Even I got it! Haha.

By the way, I'll never know what I missed with a Frappuccino, since we don't have a Starbucks around here. We have to settle for a good old Mc'D's coffee.

Thanks for the Daily Burn website! Going to try using it, too.



Maree said...

Yesterday after walking Dick wanted to go to a place called Ollie's Trolley....greasy hamburgers and fries...hot dogs pure junk...maybe 1500 calories a meal.

I love him...but I love being healthy and eating right...it's a choice! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maree,

I just got back from a 2.5 mile walk, have recommitted to Weight Watchers, down 3.6 lb this week. It's a mindset and girl my mindset is ON!!

P.S. I finally realize there is no hurry to get it off because this is a LIFESTYLE not a diet.

Laura said...

Miss Maree-
It's Laura again. I have spent a lot of time this evening reading your past posts on healthy living.

I have a question (again)!
I have to get started-again- and I am struggling with the right path.

May I ask why you chose calorie counting over WW?

Do you somehow do both?