Monday, November 17, 2008

Congratulations Rich!

Our son Rich holding the gold football, took Top Salesman Award, (which included a few new company records), for his division at the company he works for. He's with three of his mentors, the guy with his hands on his shoulders is his boss Brad. We have known Brad for 18 years, he worked with Dick at another company. Brad is the funniest guy you will ever meet....Rich is the next funniest guy you will ever meet....put them together spells fun, fun,fun!!

The cool thing was Dick was able to see Rich get this award since he works for the same company in a different capacity. Sweet moment!
Really proud of our boy!!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning my sweet friend,

What a wonderful accomplishment for your son. I know you and Dick are so proud of him. Nothing can make us smile like our kids.....well maybe grandkids....I'm not there yet:(


sara said...

You are such a proud Mama and with rights to be so!! Congrats to Rich!

Brad, Cheri and Sammy said...

Nice V necks boys....congrats Rich!

Anonymous said...

I could not be prouder of my little brother! What a year for Richie-Rich. :)