Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a new day!

Dick and I are both emotional eaters....we have learned the value of portion control, eating healthier, exercise and acknowledging our weakness.



Abnormally so.

During the afternoon Dick played golf, I took a big old walk.
We went to see a movie "Nights in Rodanthe" was a good choice.
Ate at Panera Bread, stopped at a mall to get
Dick's glasses he had previously sat on put back in shape.
We were staying busy
Then we went home.

The good part....

We don't have any "Bad" food in the house"!!

If you fall off the food wagon due to stress at our house

you get low fat Tortillas with black bean salsa

topped off later with hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Here's what we could have done in the old days...
Krisby Kremes, definitely
2 each
maybe.. White Castles
4 each with fries
a milkshake would have been soothing too
or dipped cone, Dairy Queen

It's's a new day!
We are okay

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sara said...

LOL!! I have a rough go with eating & food in the last month. For one, we moved & we were remodeling our kitchen. So...our fridge was in the garage & we were eating out a TON. THEN, we got the kitchen done, life is great & our fridge went OUT. So, we are living out of a cooler until tomorrow when the new one gets delivered. I keep looking for FOOD to eat. Give me anything. I am kind of glad we don't have anything :)