Monday, November 24, 2008


We decided to go ahead and decorate outside because it was 47 degrees yesterday. Thought I'd share my Santa...he's 4 1/2 feet tall...we stuffed him with batting and he's precious. You can get one here. Found a Mr and Mrs Claus too!
You can click the pictures and make all the Santa's bigger.

A few more Santa's taking residence at our house.... Ho,Ho, Ho!!!

Love his mink trim!

The picture next to Santa was painted by Dick's mother Bea. She painted their next door neighbors Scotty...the painting was made into a Christmas card for Kosair Children's Hospital (Shriners) in Louisville KY to use as their annual card...priceless..


Anonymous said...

Oh Maree I have to tell you how much in love I am with the painting, it's adorable. Wow...what talent!! Love all your decor. Miss you!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

What a pretty post! I love your Santa collection. I agree with LeAnn, the painting is so sweet. It has been chilly here too. I love the great big Santa!

nanatrish said...

I keep going back to look at your Santa's and they are so pretty. I imagine you are having tons of fun with family. We are waiting for Avery to get here and we'll start some art projects. luv ya.